Saturday, December 29, 2012

Front Yard Part I - Taking out the tree

Sure, it looks good here. But it's a crabapple tree. It only looks good for two weeks every two years. The rest of the time it looks like it's slowly dieing -- from spring to fall, in the year it blooms. Otherwise it looks green in spring and leaves continually fall all summer until it looks pretty bedraggled and bare by the time fall hits.

Most of the time, the tree looked like this --
nice shape and size for the house, but it dropped leaves
starting in spring and ending in early fall.
And it shades the front yard on the southwest side of the house, which doesn't get much sun to begin with. And I'd have to trim it every three years -- the branches get long and scraggly -- they have, at times, reached my office window, and the neighbor's porch.

But my biggest complaint? The damned suckers that grow under the tree. And I mean pretty much every where under the canopy of the tree -- not just its base. There are so many and so thick that it's been impossible to keep them cut back. They're crowding out the dozens of perennials (and reseeders) I have planted there - iris, lilies, hosta, lungwort, horseradish, lavender, bachelor buttons, gooseneck loosestrife, daisys, heuchera, lambs ears, columbine, grasses, tulips, lady's mantle, a wimpy rhododendron, an azalea, and more.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Birthday Sculpture

I've been a bad blogger. I've not really posted in weeks and weeks. Not much happening in the garden -- it's been in the mid 50s for much of December so far IN BUFFALO! And no snow of which to speak. Snow and cold is coming. I can feel it in my newly old bones.

But yesterday was a significant birthday. As a gift, my wife surprised me with an original artwork created for me by artist, and long-time friend Ken Root. It's about four feet long and just about two feet tall. It is of Elmwood Avenue, the shopping/dining/entertainment area of Buffalo in which I live. It is made of found objects - screws, pencils, scrap wood, metal pieces, a can lid, bottle tops, medallions, and other items, as well as items my wife provided that are personal to us.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Garden Art Sale, round two...

We're doing it again! After last year's successful Buffalo-style Garden Art Sale, held during the Parkside Garden Tour, we decided to not only hold it again - but to grow. Last year we had just over 20 vendors, this year we'd like more. 

Last year I was a vendor - because I was nervous we wouldn't have enough. This year I'll stick with my role as one of the organizers. Manning a booth for a day is hard work!

You can help by sharing this post, or forwarding it to anyone you know that might be interested in having a booth for the sale. If you have any questions, you can visit our site, here.

Please spread this post around today! Deadline is January 30, 2013.


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