Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Six Buffalo gardens in national magazine (again)

The "Little Red House" on Bryant Street.
Six gardens from Garden Walk Buffalo are featured in the nationally-distributed, June 2013 issue of Backyard Solutions magazine, published byHarris Publications of New York City.

Editor Barbara Ballinger has been a great advocate for Garden Walk Buffalo after having attended the Walk in 2011. She has published dozens of Buffalo's in the magazine in the past. The gardens in this year's issue are:
  • The Costa Schroeder garden at 322 Bryant Street
  • The Jungels garden at 745 West Delavan Avenue
  • 125 Windsor Street
  • The Gamin James Garden at 42 Orton Place
  • The Fink Garden at 24 Park Street
  • The Halloran Garden at 279 Richmond
All the photos were graciously provided by Don Zinteck, of Photographics 2.
The magazine can be purchased wherever garden magazines can be found this time of year. I bought mine at Walgreens on Delaware Avenue. Generally they can be found in bookstores, Home Depot and Lowes.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring's a buddin'!

Spring's a buddin'! Finally. I did a walk about with the camera in hand yesterday throughout my entire spread (about 30x120 feet).

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garden Walk Buffalo in New York Times

The New York Times publishes a list of great home & garden tours that will take place over the summer each spring. Last year, as good as the list was -- they hadn't listed Garden Walk Buffalo.

That's not the end of the world, we still get 60,000+ visitors and get plenty of publicity. But I found it hard to believe that a garden writer would sit down to list garden tours throughout the country and miss the largest one in the U.S., covered in national gardening magazines -- and in their own state!

This year Garden Walk Buffalo is on the list - in the "North of New York City" portion of the list. We'll take what we can get.

You can visit the New York Times list here. It's a good list. Make sure you visit the slide show. The above Buffalo garden is on the list of great homes and gardens. Photo is by Don Zinteck, of Photographics 2. This is one of the more popular gardens on our tour. It's a tour de force!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Buffalo area garden in Garden Gate magazine

This great Buffalo area garden takes up a double page spread in this month's Garden Gate magazine. Of course, this is Garden Gate, so they don't identify where the house is, or who the gardeners are -- or even the zone the garden is in! Rest assured it's a beautiful garden. It is the Coyne DiNezza garden.

It has been featured in the pages of Garden Gate before, with comments from the garden owners -- and even made the cover! Here it is chosen to illustrate the article about choosing shrubs for front yard gardens. The symmetry of the garden above is amazing! It's a great home and I love the unique "rolled-edged" roof.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Huffington Post has a garden section

Has anyone seen this yet? It's pretty hidden within Huffington Post. you really have to go looking for it to find it. It seems as though Huffington post is in the process of merging their content with the content of AOL owned "magazine-style" websites.

If you go to Huffington Post's Home Page, click on "All Sections" in the menu bar, then click on "Home." Then, under the menu bar, there will be a list of feature sections - "Gardening" is about halfway down the list. Or, just visit here.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grab a shovel and plant some shit

I'm not a big vegetable garden guy. I have one, but it's not designed for real production -- mostly to supply early-season lettuce end-of-season tomatoes for BLTs, but THIS guy, Ron Finley, speaks my language. Where he produces food, we in Buffalo produce tourists.

A garden, whether vegetable or flower, can transform a property through beautification and owner pride. It does the same to a street, block, a neighborhood, and a city. Ron just happens to be helping humanity as he does it. And he gets strawberries.

Grab a shovel and plant some shit.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Dole Plantation, Wahiawa, Hawaii

On our recent trip to Hawaii, we took time out to visit the Dole Plantation. It's a Dole-centric manufactured tourist destination like you would expect -- shops, restaurants, gardens, a maze, and a small train ride (The Pineapple Express!) through the pineapple fields. The plantation is the actual site of Mr. Dole's first roadside fruit stand.

The gardens were nice - with areas featuring bromeliads, hibiscus, ti leaf plants, leis, natives and more. The gardens were not extensive, but a nice walk through. Took about a half hour. There are audio wands for those who want more in-depth on the history and traditions of the locals.

The miniature train ride was nice in that we actually got out into the fields (while being in the shade) and a prerecorded track explained the beginnings of Dole, a bit about the agriculture and history of the area and a fair amount about pineapples themselves. Did you know that pineapples are not native to Hawaii? The two-mile tour is slow paced and if you have young ones, they might enjoy it. I think they could use a Pineapple Express Rock n' Roll Roller Coaster/Splash Ride-- a little bit tour and a few upside down loop-di-loops for fun. But I assume they know their demographic better than I do.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The lush doorways of Sayulita Mexico

Spent last week in Sayulita, Mexico, about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico's Pacific coast. This was our third trip there to visit friends that have built a home on the step hills just blocks from the town's center (last few photos).

Didn't get garden tours this year -- the start of the dry season. But what they think of as dry, we still think of as lush, being April in Buffalo where we're excited just to see a little green poking up from the ground.

The doorways of some of the homes are more lushly planted than some of our gardens. These show how welcoming Mexican homes can be.


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