Monday, July 28, 2014

VIDEO Billy & Pat and me & my garden...

Newcomers to Buffalo, Billy & Pat, have done a vlog post on Garden Walk. Instead of the usual reporting on or about the Walk, they took a more practical approach by soliciting tips and tricks for people in their age and life circumstances (most likely many of their viewers) – newly married, just starting out in a new city (having come to Buffalo from New York), living in an apartment, and dreaming of owning their own home and growing a garden.

Hopefully Garden Walk Buffalo made them more crazy for Buffalo and more enthusiastic for owning a home. Though I cannot picture these two more enthusiastic than they already are.

Visit Buffalo Niagara made some suggestions as to gardens/gardeners that they might glean some tips from – that would represent the Walk well on camera. You can catch much of Billy and Pat goofing around in my garden, as well as goofing around in other great gardens. They can be silly, or they can be serious, but no one can argue that they aren't pros at communicating a message, or telling a story. They even made me sound coherent and knowledgeable on gardening – they're good editors. I guess I know what I've learned from mistakes. Thank god they didn't ask for a plant name, panic doesn't look good on camera.

They have a large (tens of thousands) and engaged following on their Youtube vlog, Billy & Pat Two Guys Who Got Married. I'd love to help them get more followers - visit their vlog and follow along on their adventures by subscribing.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A TV makeover garden designer whose own garden took more than two days

One of the things I like most about being the area's chronicler of residential gardens, is that I still get astounded, in slacked-jawed awe, of a new spectacular garden that I never knew existed in our area. Such is the case of going on the Snyder Clevehill Garden View tour a couple weeks ago.

I came across the garden of Peter BonSey, a genuine TV show gardener. Peter was the garden designer on TLC's season 1 (2002-03) of While You Were Out, a reality series makeover show whose gimmick was that the redecoration was kept secret from the homeowner. Peter is/was also the founder of The English Gardener, a well-known Buffalo area landscape design firm. But he's also been a butcher, cabin boy, Naval officer, real estate salesperson, construction company owner, teacher, actor, chemical company owner, head hunter, convention planner, graphic artist, printing production manager, radio show host, and writer, among other things. He's retired from it all now, having mostly accomplished his goal of "...becoming an interesting old man." He does still do the occasional talk/lecture for groups.

Friday, July 18, 2014

A garden with nice jugs

Sorry. Had to go there (I cannot help myself).

I've got lots of posts in me, but alas, no time to write them Garden Walk Buffalo is in another week, and the National Garden Festival is up and running. I've got a bonafide HGTV star's garden to share (back when there were Gs in HGTV), as well as the best themed garden I've ever been in, and not a fairy garden - but a fairie VILLAGE. But you'll have to wait.

Sally Cunningham was by to film a short bit on
garden tourism for AAA this week. Remember –
the camera adds ten pounds and, there had to be, like,
ten cameras on me...
So far my garden has been on one bus tour (another coming next week), two open gardens, it's been filmed on live TV for Sally Cunningham's garden segment, filmed for an AAA garden tourism video, been shown in the Buffalo News twice, and a photographer is coming to photograph my window boxes later today. And next week is the big kahuna – more than 3,000 are expected to come through my yard on Saturday and Sunday. Garden Walk Buffalo will attract more than 60,000, so that's a mere sliver of the crowds.

But this post is about jugs – big ones and small ones. And vases, pots, and exquisite pottery too. I visited an Open Garden today in Hamburg, NY and I fell in love with the gardens of artist Vicki Warhol (good name for an artist). Not only does she have a great and glorious collection of hostas, but and even greater (and more glorious) collection of pottery. And the pottery seems as though it is paired with a curator's eye with the plants. This garden was bliss for this art director. Rather than me yak about it, take a peak at just some of her jugs – without commentary. I'll just get myself in more trouble.

Monday, July 7, 2014

My marble and granite area rug, or, how I spent my Fourth of July weekend

Lord help me, I've become a serial DIYer.

It started with me and my daughter going through
Italian Marble and Granite's dumpster for scraps,
roughing out the design to make sure we had enough.
I blame it on Garden Walk Buffalo sponsor Italian Marble and Granite. This year they've offered to any gardener on the Walk free marble and granite countertop scraps to anyone that wants them for a creative project. On top of that, they will judge the projects in advance of the Walk and a winner will be announced. The winner will receive a $500 gift certificate for a custom marble or granite project in their home.

I really wasn't going to do another large-scale project before the Walk. I did my hanging succulent garden, and that was going to be my major Garden Walk project this year. I try to do one unique garden feature each year, with the deadline being the Walk. This makes two.

I've wanted to do something like this for years, but how often does someone come along and say, "You can have all the granite and marble scraps you want, you just have to come here to pick them up." They couldn't have made it easier for me if they'd tried. Well, okay, they could have delivered it, but, hey.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Rochester Buffalo-style Garden Art Sale purchase

The big steel and glass leaf, in blue, on the left was this year's purchase. Last year's is on the right. The leaves are a collaboration between Rochester NY-area steel artist Kathy Kosel and glass artist Tom Zachman.

Both had booths at the National Garden Festival's Buffalo-style Garden Art Sale held last Sunday here in Buffalo.

I love my new leaf. Hopefully next year, I can buy another to complete the collection!

To the right here, you can see them in context with the rest of the ever-getting-busier gardens. In the foreground is my own copper creation - a heuchera (coral bell) fountain. It's hard to see because it's camouflaged in a bed of huechera!


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