Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pool garden

Another Hamburg garden, this one around a pool. It's not only on the Buzz Around Hamburg Garden Walk, but also the National Garden Festival's Thursday and Friday Open Gardens. A pool is a great luxury (and not a little bit of work). The curtains are a nice touch on this arbor. This gardener eliminated all grass around the pool in deference to garden beds of perennials and baskets of annuals. Less time mowing - more time to spend lounging around the pool.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Another Hamburg Garden

This is Marg's garden. It was one of the many gardens open during the Buzz Around Hamburg Garden Walk in July. It was also open for the National Garden Festival's Open Gardens on Thursday and Fridays from the end of June though July. There were swaths of lushly planted areas surrounding a large grass yard steps down from the house and patios. The yard is bordered by the house, the garage, a creek and woods to the back - it is a very private and secluded.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Plant tower, bug tower

I still have photos I took during my trip to the Chelsea Flower show in May of 2011 -- gardens I've never posted before. Here's one that was very intriguing. This is the B&Q garden, the tallest garden ever constructed for Chelsea. Its design highlights the need for communities to consider local, sustainable food growing in small footprints, while "...enhancing urban greening."

Everything growing here is edible. It has a potting shed that incorporates rainwater harvesting and storage, a thermal chimney, photovoltaic panels, and a wind turbine. It also includes "insect hotels" created by schoolkids for bats, birds, bugs, and worms.

Pleached lime and mulberry trees and clipped bay hedges are the structure to the garden that features all harvestable parts of edible plants - rhizomes, bulbs, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds.

Friday, September 14, 2012

2017 International Horticultural Exhibition to take place just over the border

Special to The Review
An artist rendering of one of the Flora Niagara displays planned for the 2017  International Horticultural Exhibition. The organizers won the right to host the event, which could cost as much as $360 million to put on.

It'll be called Flora Niagara 2017 and it's one of the largest horticultural events in the world.

It'll be held over 150 days from late spring to early fall of 2017. It's expected to attract two million visitors with an economic impact of more than $830 million -- 6,566 new jobs and $117 million in Canadian tax revenues. Better yet, it will leave a legacy of gardening tourism potential in the Niagara region to last for generations.

The catch? Canada's Niagara Parks has to up their game - grounds, facilities - and build new venues and infrastructure to the tune of $50 million (low end) to $200 million (high end).

Of course, I'll be looking for ways for THIS side of the border to capitalize on all these visiting horticultural tourists. 2017 will be the 23rd anniversary of Garden Walk Buffalo and the National Garden Festival will be in its eighth year (God willing!).

For more information, visit: and

Monday, September 10, 2012

Whimsy by the yard

This is one of the National Garden Festival Open Gardens here in Buffalo. This garden was in Lancaster, NY. About 75 Buffalo Niagara gardens are open and free to the public for certain hours on Thursdays and Fridays for five weeks each year.

It was on a corner lot -- wide open to the neighborhood. It is not anything I would do with my garden. First thing I'd have done is fenced it in from the public! It had many great vignettes she's work hard to create. The creativity of the gardener cannot be denied. It is bright, colorful and cheerful, just like its owner.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Beertanical Gardens

Found on the Buzz Around Hamburg Garden Walk, outside Buffalo, NY this past summer - a beer garden! And really, who isn't a beer fan. Nice to see someone combining gardening with their passion for something, especially beer.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Garden window dressing

This garden was filled with so many creative touches, it'll take months to show them all in blog posts. Here I show what these two creative gardeners have done just with the screens on their house.

On the front of the house, on the wicker rolled screens on the porch, the homeowners painted flowers that can be seen from down the block (the husband is the artist). The pink flowers coordinate with the house colors and it really does look stunning.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Balancing Rock Garden, Part 2

Here is part duex of the Balancing Rock Garden found on the Buzz Around Hamburg Garden Walk. The previous part show was off to the side of the house, this part of the garden was (is) directly behind the house, visible from the home itself.

Two ponds with a stream between, with a path around and patio/pergola combo make up the structure of the back yard. And there's plenty of balanced rock work here too, but it doesn't take precedence here. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Balancing Rock Garden, Part 1

On the Buzz Around Hamburg Garden Walk this past July, in Hamburg, NY,  I came across this unique and really cool garden. It had the expected annuals & perennials that you'd find in any Western New York garden, (and honestly I don't remember noticing the plants at all) but what made it standout was the balanced rocks throughout the entire garden. Rocks balanced on other rocks, or balanced on sticks.

The precariously-placed rocks were a delight. You've got to have some stones to spend so much time balancing stones and then inviting the public into your garden. No telling how much time was spent re-stacking stones.

This post only shows half of their garden, I'll post the other half in a day or two --  their other pergola, waterfall, creek, teak path, and more stonework!


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