Garden window dressing

This garden was filled with so many creative touches, it'll take months to show them all in blog posts. Here I show what these two creative gardeners have done just with the screens on their house.

On the front of the house, on the wicker rolled screens on the porch, the homeowners painted flowers that can be seen from down the block (the husband is the artist). The pink flowers coordinate with the house colors and it really does look stunning.

Along the alley between the two homes (they own both buildings) has flower paintings on each first floor window screen. It's just acrylic paint on the screens that were there. No fancy screens, no fancy installations. You can still see out the screens, and they've been there a few years.

As far as I know, they are all flowers that grow in their garden. Watch for future posts on this garden.
It's a narrow alley, so each window is revealed to you as you walk through.
Window boxes on each window dial up the garden art.
The alley itself is worth a future blog post. An arbor with a "gutter" garden, quirky art pieces,
and an interesting flagstone walkway slow your walk through.
The porch's details would make this a great house on its own.


  1. wow! people are so creative..Im lovin it....thanks you

  2. hmm, wonder if he's barter for art ? Thanks for the post.

  3. Wow! It is indeed a brilliant idea! Cool post.

    Elle @

  4. Wow, I love this idea and the art. Makes me want to get out the oils.

  5. Sharon,
    There's plenty more to this garden, WAY too much for one post.

    I talked to the garden owners just this evening. He's a former art teacher.

    Thank you. Wish I could take credit for the creativity!

    Get out those oils! Paint those windows! Although if you'll be painting screens, he recommends acrylics...


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