Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Buffalo Niagara garden in the magazines...

Congratulations to Snyder, NY gardeners Craig and Gary for, not only having a six-page article in this month's Garden Gate magazine, but also the cover! 

Garden Gate is a nationally-distributed magazine with a circulation of just over 400,000. Unfortunately, they only mention the garden is in "New York State" and not in Snyder (a suburb of Buffalo).

You can see Craig & Gary's garden on the National Garden Festival's Thursday and Friday Open Gardens, as well as the Snyder Clevehill Garden View.

Craig is a volunteer for National Garden Festival, and an all-around swell guy. If you like visiting gardens, this is a must-see next year.

You can pick up copies of Garden Gate at any store that sells a good amount of magazines (locally Wegman's has them).

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Plant Tour

Okay, it's a plant tour of BMW, not anything to do with plants. But the BMW Museum is such an awesome museum, I wanted to share. Oh, and we actually didn't go on the plant tour, it was closed. It was August and BMW factory is shut down for two weeks.

We were in Munich few weeks ago and stopped in to see the museum. I'm no motor head. I can change a battery and a tire and refill oil and windshield wiper fluid. That's the extent of my car knowledge. But I do like design, and BMW has no shortage of design cred, from the origins of the company through to this thoroughly modern museum, a cathedral to the car.

After spending a couple hours visiting the Museum, we walked next door to the 1972 Olympic Village, which is still exists and is a community in and of itself. It actually has its own mayor, many neighborhoods have grown around the site over the years as Munich grew. The grounds are used as a public park, with great athletic venues, from a huge stadium to gymnasiums to a natatorium and plenty of ares for outside activities, including ponds, lakes and rivers.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Muir Woods

Our last trip to California had us visiting Muir woods, pretty much straight from the airport. A rental car and a short trip north across the Golden Gate Bridge and we were walking in the redwoods. Actually, it was a busy day and we had to park so far away from the entrance, we walked about a mile just to get to the front gates. We were there on Easter Sunday.

This is truly one of the greatest forests in the world. We'd been there before, about 20 years ago (when these trees were much smaller). But we wanted to go back to take our daughter. There are many trails for hiking, but the main trails among the base of the redwoods is a short walk on mostly meandering boardwalks.

It's one of the last old-growth coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) forests on the planet. Nearly 2 million acres of these trees covered a narrow strip along California and Oregon's coasts. Now only 3% of that remains and only in protected areas. 

They grow up to (and some over) 350 ft. tall. That's about the size of a 35-story building. That's just a bit shorter than Buffalo's City Hall, for comparison (if you're familiar with Buffalo's 398-ft.-tall Art Deco City Hall).

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prague's Summer Palace Garden

Prague's Summer Palace with its Royal Garden is just a stone's throw from the Prague Palace. Having a summer place that close to your residences seems somehow wrong, but better than NOT having a summer palace, I guess! 

The garden was laid out in 1534 by Ferdinand I. It eventually became known for its collection of exotic plants from distant countries. It's current iteration is as an English-style park with Renaissance (a giardinetto, which I think is the long arched porch) and Baroque (ornamental flower beds) features. The palace was actually built in the early 1800s to be used for entertaining during the summer months. Now it's an exhibition hall for creative arts and artistic crafts.

The pretty formal gardens behind the house lead to an upper area of paths and trees and shrubs - all well-marked with signage with tree names and descriptions. Rarely have I seen that i npublic parks. The well tended grounds also had an orangery, which is open for touring, but closed when we were there.


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