Prague's Summer Palace Garden

Prague's Summer Palace with its Royal Garden is just a stone's throw from the Prague Palace. Having a summer place that close to your residences seems somehow wrong, but better than NOT having a summer palace, I guess! 

The garden was laid out in 1534 by Ferdinand I. It eventually became known for its collection of exotic plants from distant countries. It's current iteration is as an English-style park with Renaissance (a giardinetto, which I think is the long arched porch) and Baroque (ornamental flower beds) features. The palace was actually built in the early 1800s to be used for entertaining during the summer months. Now it's an exhibition hall for creative arts and artistic crafts.

The pretty formal gardens behind the house lead to an upper area of paths and trees and shrubs - all well-marked with signage with tree names and descriptions. Rarely have I seen that i npublic parks. The well tended grounds also had an orangery, which is open for touring, but closed when we were there.

This is a "singing fountain" underneath, the sound of the falling water supposedly sounds like bells.


  1. Wonderful garden tour. And what is the Praguesque version of "Romans"?

  2. Wow! A very stunning place indeed. That is really lovely garden. Thanks a lot for the share.

    Alice @ eGardenSheds


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