Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally. A gardening speakers bureau for Buffalo Niagara.

Are you a garden speaker in the Buffalo Niagara region? Do you have an expertise of interest to garden groups, even topics like photography, floral design, botany, outdoor artwork, weekend masonry, fountains, water gardening, setting up community gardens, or travel to visit gardens around the country or world? If so, there are probably groups out there that would like to hear from you. And I want to connect the two of you.

This is a "soft launch" of Garden Talk Buffalo. I'm looking to fill out a roster of speakers that I can then promote to groups -- from garden centers to garden groups to social clubs to the libraries to scholarly discussion groups, the Botanical Gardens and everything in between. This is a "soft launch" here because not everything is 100% final on some topics/bios.

I've set up a website for Garden Talk Buffalo arranged by speaker, and by topic. It will be promoted to groups that engage speakers in the gardening realm. I'll promote it through press releases, social media, email campaigns -- and by any means necessary to make it successful. I've got 25+ years of marketing skills, 10 years of garden tourism marketing, and about six years of similar speaking gigs to back it up.

So far I have Sally Cunningham, Kathy Guest Shadrack, Pam Hoffman, Mike Shadrack, Elizabeth Licata, Connie Oswald Stofko, and myself. And there's a couple more to come. Topics include:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hearts in the gardens

It's that time again. Garden season has started. For me at least. In actuality, it never ended. I think I did take Christmas off.

The National Garden Festival is hosting its second annual Valentine's Day fundraising party. This year's party will be held at Delaware Park's Marcy Casino on Hoyt Lake. It is held in appreciation to the area's gardeners. So if you've ever gone on a garden tour, ever participated in garden tour, love gardens, love Buffalo and want to support Buffalo's budding garden tourism industry -- YOU should be there!

Visit here to make your online reservations today.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Front Yard Part II - planning & plotting

Now that the tree is gone, I have to rethink what I want to do in our front yard garden. It's not a blank slate, but with the tree and thorny barberry hedge gone, there's a few big blank spots available to rework and rethink.

Below are images I'd saved, a while ago, of small-space gardens I liked. I'm looking for low-maintenance (always) with no (or little) pruning, deadheading, or watering. I do want color, different textures, and different shapes of plants. I like what I see in these photos -- conical, narrow and rounded conifers, textured shrubs, colorful Japanese maples, bursting grasses and few perennials. I also have the hellstrip (area between sidewalk and street) to think about. So that will have to go into whatever I do. New beginnings for a new year!


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