Spring DIY project Before & After

Not a big deal, but to be able to have the compost bin; big-ass, bright blue garbage can; and two recycling boxes organized, accessible, out of the way of snow and rain, and hidden from immediate view. Took an afternoon to build. I think it took longer to paint. I'll put some planters/plants on top or find something sculptural to top it off with. Now the garbage area doesn't look so trashy.


  1. That looks great Jim! I've been trying to figure out how to deal with that stuff as well. I need to be handier I think!

  2. Jean,
    I know you've been following the exploits of my garbage can for a couple years at least. I figure this is an urban garden issue because we have so little room to hold/hide such large, but necessary utilitarian plastic receptacles. If I were closer, I'd build you something myself!

  3. Oh how I wish I could show this to a couple of my neighbors!

  4. That's a great fix! Are you going to try your hand at a "living roof" on the top there, or go the statuary and vase route? I look forward to seeing! I hide my trash can behind a huge trellised rose bush.

  5. Looks great and thanks for the inspiration. I just did this today to my can and recycling bin, but only needed to add sides - they are now tucked under a deck stair run (where nothing but weeds grew anyway.)

  6. Sweet Home,
    Thank you. I've been to your home -- we urban gardeners have challenges suburban gardeners wouldn't even dream of.

    Danger Garden,
    Yeah, I wish I could forward emails anonymously myself!

    Sherlock Street & Dirt Princess,
    Thank you!

    Hiding behind a trellis of plantings wasn't a choice for me, though that would come in, generally, as a preferred choice. No living roof, I'll line it with planters and maybe a sculptural thingy.

    Glad to inspire! It took me a long time to think about this before I did it, but am glad I did.

  7. Give yourself some credit: it is a big deal. You did a beautiful job of matching your siding with narrow and wide boards. These are the jobs that take forever to do; always on the list for years. Congrats!

  8. Mrs. Wiz,
    I'm more proud of myself for actually starting it. I've had it in my head for years. And, the magic garage provided all materials. I had to purchase nothing. Seems like every time I take on a project, everything I need I already have stored someplace. I had to buy no lumber, panel sheets or even the siding -- it was all in the garage in the rafters already. It's like it was meant to be!


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