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Chelsea here I come!

My gardening Christmas list, if it's not too late

What is a Buffalo-style garden?

Neuschwanstein Castle (no gardens to speak of)

Hohenschwangau Castle garden

The sun, as seen from across the street

Snow Day?

Buffalo's Arts & Industry Island

My third book - The Buffalo Philharmonic at 75

NYC's High Line

Small German town knows how to do it

My wife's a star!

Steve's mini-patio

Awesome artist garden alley

Sidewalk lavender sorbet

This place matters

The Eagle's Nest, and Alpine plant test site

Fall house colors

Princess Diana Memorial, Hyde Park, London

A Random Act of Gardening

When you die, you CAN take your garden with you

Lake Königssee moss forest

The oldest living plants

Garden playsets 3

Gardening playsets 2, in 2D

Gardening playsets 1

The Sound of Silence garden...

The Sound of Music gardens

Another use for the dozens of wine bottles you have lying around...

Vining your medieval home or business...

Moons over Augsberg

Plaque build-up

Not my first choice for a sunflower...

Coffee compost for jittery worms

Buffalo gardener quoted in Wall Street Journal on Hellstrips

Frank Lloyd Wright rocks!

Natural Bonsai in post-industrial Buffalo, a kayak ride through time...

A great combination...

Bird's eye view

A disappointment...

My first wisteria bloom!

My Buffa10 Blogger Meet-Up photos

Martha Sewart Radio has a new gardening blog. And it's not always pretty.