Half way through Farch...

It's halfway from February to the end of March, or Farch, as other garden bloggers have taken to calling it. I'm over winter and anxious to get started on outdoor projects. I want drinks on the deck, parties on the patio, peppers from the potager and burgers on the barbecue. Below is why I'm wistful. Just have to get through the rest of Farch first.


  1. I think we're all climbing the walls and looking with great longing at our spring, summer and fall photos from last year!

    Let's get on with good weather and gardening!


  2. Your garden looks delightful. I would be pining for those days to come soon, too. It just snowed again, so I am at the "no hope" stage of late winter.

    Love the moravian stars.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. What an absolute treat this has been. Thank you for showing us your garden again. You've got such a talent for making it beautiful.

  4. You've shown us lots of project shots but I don't remember seeing such a great set of overall views of the garden. This gave me a much better sense of how all those parts fit together and I really like the show from the back of the front garden looking toward the street (if I am reading it correctly). What a great job you've done! And I can't wait to see it in person in July.

  5. Your garden is beautiful, Jim, and you have really nice places for entertaining. I can see why you're ready to get back out there once warm weather arrives.

  6. First time seeing your lovely garden. I'm very impressed! Love the many patios and entertaining areas. That's what it's all about, isn't it, enjoying the space with friends.

  7. And here we were thinking that "farching" meant marching through your garden while passing gas...

  8. Cameron,
    That's how this post started -- just wistfully scoping photos for green to rest my eyes upon.

    Christine B.,
    Thanks. The snow here is slowly melting, giving up a little more pavement every day. Cant see the ground yet though. There is hope.

    Why thank you very much. Part of making a garden look good is cropping out the bad parts in the photos!

    I can't wait to have you visit my garden either. On the other hand, I hate having so many serious gardeners in my garden for a visit!

    Thanks - it's designed for entertaining, the plants are secondary. Some are too big, some are too small some are crammed in some are in the complete wrong spot. But I figure if it's busy enough, no one will notice.

    Thanks. I will be stopping by summerhouse blog for a visit.

    You are correct. Farch, with a cap "F," is for the double month.

  9. I'm inviting myself over for a martini on your deck this summer! You have a beautifully designed space. I especially love the paver parterre.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. We gardeners in Portland are lucky to have it so temperate, but I often think you gardeners in the more extreme zones deserve spring, summer and fall so much more than we do after you endure those snowy, cold winters!

  10. Jane/Mulchmaid,
    BE here Sunday, July 11 at noon. We can start drinking then. We'll have, possibly a couple dozen other garden bloggers here, so we'll have to drink fast -- before they drink everything. We graphic designers have to stick together.

  11. Please allow and encourage farching at your party! Your guests may exclaim "I'm faaaaah-ching!" Whilst engaging in witty reparte such as: "The Wandering Jew is neither wandering nor a Jew, discuss amongst yourselves."

  12. We are all the same... I look pictures of last summers, and it seems like it won't never come back again... In the north of France, a spring sun is already here... but night are still frozen... Thank you for your pictures. I can't wait for the very fist barbecue with my friends.

  13. Roseau,
    C'est un petit réchauffeur ici aussi, mais je ne serai pas dupé -- c'est toujours hiver!

  14. Bravo pour le français!

    Plus que 2 semaines avant le printemps!


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