The busiest week in Buffalo's gardening history...

One of the Open Gardens on Thursdays and Fridays.

It'll be tough to get through this week. There's just too much going on! Here's a rundown:
Lockport in Bloom garden
  • This past Saturday: Rally Party for the Garden Walk Buffalo gardeners (200+ gardeners come to pick up lawn signs, maps, posters and buy this year's new merchandise). One garden tour Lockport in Bloom. Native Plants Day at Lockwoods Greenhouses: speakers and an author's book signing.
  • This past Sunday: Two garden tours (Snyder-Clevehill Garden View and Lockport in Bloom); reception for the instillation of a garden sculpture by a NYC sculptor at the home of a Garden Walk Buffalo garden.
  • This past Monday: Kickoff of the National Garden Festival's (NGF) Front Yard Contest, making over 15 homes; and the last Garden Walk Buffalo meeting before the event (the largest garden tour in the U.S. with 384 gardens.
  • This past Tuesday: Day two of the Front Yard Contest.
  • Wednesday (yesterday): Day three of the Front Yard Contest - volunteers from the community are invited to pitch in! I have to clean my garden to be ready for Open Gardens on Thursday; a wrap-up meeting for the NGF Garden Art Sale.
  • Thursday (today): 67 Open Gardens open for free; Day four of the Front Yard Garden Contest.
  • Friday: 20 Open Gardens free to the public; day five of the Front Yard Contest, an AAA motorcoach tour of southtowns gardens, including the Shadrack garden, Smug Creek; the Olmsted Parks Conservancy's Gala in Olmsted's South Park.
  • Saturday: Three garden tours: Samuel Capen Garden WalkGrand Island Garden Tour, and Buzz Around Hamburg Garden Walk; a private bus garden tour of Garden Walk Buffalo gardens for Garden Walk Buffalo volunteers; touring two garden writers from Canada around for a preview of Garden Walk Buffalo. 
Oh, and the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens is always there, if you couldn't find anything above to keep you busy!

Snyder-Clevehill Garden View garden
National Garden Festival volunteer landscaper make-over of 15 homes.
Garden sculpture instillation party.
See this on both Open Gardens and Garden Walk Buffalo.
The National Garden Festival Buffalo-syle Garden Art Sale.
Garden Walk Buffalo Rally party, where 200 gardeners (of 387) show up to get posters, maps and garden signs.

A motorcoach tour of the south towns will stop by Smug Creek Gardens,
the garden of Mike & Kathy Shadrack.


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