I have a forsythia idea...

I'm not a big fan of forsythia. Too garish yellow. I think they look best when they're planted in large quantities.

My neighbor has a lonely half-formed bush. It does look great against the black house. But if it were mine? I'd do some creative clipping and find a nice metal base to wrap around the bottom of it. For now, I only have Photoshop to depend on, since I don't have a forsythia myself.


  1. You could sneak over and do it...

  2. And I'll be right behind you egging you on.

  3. Looks great! Who doesn't loved a giant lightbulb by the front door?

  4. Teddy/Al/Sandy/ExWife,
    They're always home. I'd get caught.

    I'd let you go first.

    Phallic? Really? You get phallic from that? You've got a low-phallic threshold.

    Easier to see at night when trying to get the key in the lock.

    I got a million of 'em!

  5. Love it. Bright idea. Hahaha



  6. I really like your idea, Jim and would love to come across something like this in the landscape! I also really love Forsythias, but NOT as foundation plantings. They get much to large and are also deciduous. Rather, I prefer them in masses out in a natual setting, where they are quite beautiful! Also love them in vases indoors any time! Happy Spring!

  7. LOL! Ok, I was wrong - I do like clipped Forsythia, but only if it's done as you suggest.

  8. Ya know, with that red door, it ain't so bad.

  9. Brilliant! If they have a black house, maybe you can make them see the light (ahem). I agree about the low-phallic threshold; he hasn't seen some of our sculptures ...

  10. Elspeth,
    The puns, oh, the puns...

    Pam Kersting,
    I'm with you. In larger quantities -- especially around other spring flowering trees and bushes -- they look great. One scraggly-lookin' bush in a yard looks dejected and only looks good for two weeks a year.

    Mr.McG's Daughter,
    You were wrong? And it's in writing? I have to tell my wife that a woman can be wrong. She doesn't believe me. She told me you all have a code to never admit it.

    Black house, red door, yellow forsythia. It works -- for about two weeks. Then it reverts to a massive black hole with a red door.

    Ms. Wiz,
    On their black house, all trim & shutters are black as well. I've seen black house done well. This? Well, it's what they like. I'm sure you have a high-phallic threshold at Each Little World. But I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.

    Thanks. Photoshop is my friend.

  11. I have a forsythia in my city garden that I've pruned into a small tree shape, to make it fit better in the small space. It looks beautiful spring through fall, and I like tinkering with the shape, and keeping it tidy. I do have to say that by shaping a forsythia a lot you don't get many flowers in early spring, which I do miss.


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