Win a weekend at Garden Walk Buffalo!

The Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitors Bureau is offering a Garden Walk Buffalo weekend contest where you could win:
Anyone can enter. Fill out the quick online form here:

Oh, and that VIP tour? That's me. I'll be giving a tour of some of my favorite gardens. I suggested a tour from me being what the loser would get, but logistics were too tough to work out on that one.


  1. Alas, no need for anyone else to enter, I've determined that Kevin & I will win.

  2. That sounds like a challenge Barbara. You are on! An may the greenest thumb win.

  3. ... and a flight Paris/Buffalo ? is it possible ? :-)

  4. Barbarapc,
    I hope you win too!

    Irrigation Systems,
    And I hope you win too!

    I'm afraid, mon ami, that travel is not included. Though if it were, I'd make sure you got first class.


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