Garden Bloggers to take over Buffalo!

A year in the planning, and here I am, the night before, making name tags. Over the next four days, 72 garden bloggers, from 23 different states and Canada, are arriving for a visit to Buffalo's great gardening sites and private residential gardens.

The prevailing hope is that they'll have a good time, have some good meals and blog about our gardens & hospitality in a positive light. And provide an unprecedented amount of PR for Buffalo's great gardens & gardeners.

Here is a list of the blogs of the gardeners coming for a visit. Check them out over the course of the next four days (and beyond) and see what they have to say (and show) about the Erie Basin Marina Test Gardens, The Cottage District, the Delaware Park Japanese Garden, Urban Roots Community Garden Center, Lockwood's Greenhouses, the Shadrack hosta garden, the Front Yard Garden Competition, the Botanical Gardens and the Lancaster Avenue gardens. If you agree, or disagree with something in a post -- leave a comment -- bloggers love getting comments.


  1. Wow, 72! Thanks for all of the hard work that you and Elizabeth have poured into this. It is going to be great.

  2. Those of us who can't be there DEMAND that all 72 take lots and lots of photos to share! :-)

    Have fun, y'all!


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