A Greek tragedy

This past week we spent in Athens, Greece. We'd been there once in the early '90s and were anxious to see what changes had been made since the the Olympics were held there in '04. On the bus from the airport, we were struck both by the new great highways to zip around the city and equally dismayed by the amount of graffiti along the highways. Most disturbing was the graffiti we saw on trees and plants! I've never looked at a plant or tree and wish I had a can of spray paint or knife with which to carve something.

The top photo is from the park around the Olympic Zeus Temple and the photos below are from the pedestrian walkway just below the Acropolis.


  1. How amazing and sad. What possesses people to harm plants this way.

  2. I remember walking into the Huntington Gardens and seeing a huge stand of bamboo, then as I got closer I could see that many many people had carved their names into the canes. Of course there was a sign nearby asking them not to, like that was going to stop them. So sad.

  3. I too viewed with sadness. What is the point or what does it prove?

  4. Feels absolutely offensive to mar a plant like that.


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