The hotels are full, the streets were full, the gardens were full

The Buffalo News' coverage of Garden Walk Buffalo was phenomenal this year. Here's just one -- News writer Anne Neville interviewed me just as the Walk was winding down for the day.

"The 17th annual Garden Walk Buffalo had been over for less than an hour, and already Jim Charlier was musing about how to make next year’s walk better.
“We’re going to need more buses,” said Charlier, who has been president of the garden walk for six years. “The hotels are full, the streets were full, the gardens were full, and our buses were full.”

Read the full article here.

But even better (sometimes!) are the unsolicited comments the online version of the articles get. There were only two here, and here are excerpts:

"WOW!! To much to see in one day. I must go each day next year to try and see it all. The bus was very handy, and almost fun if my legs fit, but it is a garden walk. We are a city that has it to be found by those who dont know. We have a lot of good folks here!!"

"Based on what I saw this weekend, maybe Buffalo needs to call itself "The Garden City." There were thousands of people from all over the country walking around, smiling, talking, having a wonderful time. Though I am a Buffalonian, I took the opportunity to venture outside my neighborhood to see what other gardens and houses looked like. It was inspiring."


  1. Great shot of your garden, but how could it not be. I took a few shots myself, and not a bad angle to be had. Great work all around, the micro and the macro version of GWB. I agree, more buses.


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