Pruning garden posters

The Hearts in the Gardens posters I designed are done and printed. Though they need to be trimmed. Couldn't afford to do a large-run printing of the posters, so had a friend with a large format printer print out 50 of them for me (thank you Mike & Ellen!). Now I have to cut each one out by hand to 18"x24." Good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Posters can be purchased through Paypal in the upper right column here on the blog. Have any problems, please let me know!


  1. Can I put in an early claim for one? Absolutely love it and am afraid they will be gone by the time I get there Tuesday!

  2. I love the poster and would like to purchase one. Can I get it directly from you?

  3. Sue, you can order one in the right side column of the blog.


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