A new hosta -- the Mike Shadrack

It's not really mine. It was a birthday gift to my wife from the human Mike Shadrack. How many people get a plant named after them?

The hosta Mike Shadrack
The hybridizer, Bob Kuk from Kuk's Forest Nursery (a 2011 American Hosta Society Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award recipient), created this variety in 2001 from the parents H. "Rock and Roll" and H. "Great Expectations." Seems about right. if you know the human Mike Shadrack.

The human Mike Shadrack pushing around his wife,
Kathy Guest Shadrack. Both authors of books on hostas.
It's described as "Medium green with a medium gold margin, extremely cupped and rugose on a vase-shaped clump." It's a moderate grower with a 9"x9" sized leaf and broadly ovate leaf shape that is slightly rippled -- with a dull leaf texture. The plant is considered large (30-35.99" tall) with scentless white blooms. It is in the Lilaceae family in the genus hosta, hardy to Zone 3b. And can be purchased from Hostas Direct.

Mike, and his wife Kathy are both authors of books on hostas. They live outside of Buffalo, NY, and travel the country in the "hosta speaking engagement circles." Yes, there are hosta speaking engagement circles. You can find out more about them on their own site, Smug Creek Gardens.

I have to find a special spot for this hosta, which we'll just call "Mike."


  1. that is awesome...they deserve it.

  2. marmee - And today it has its first leaf! I have to get it in the ground!


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