Garden art for sale!

Next time you see this banner, it should be hanging at the intersection of the 198 (Scajaqueda) and Parkside Avenue. Thanks to the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy for offering to install them. We're gearing up for the first-ever Buffalo-style Garden Art Sale next Sunday, June 24. I should be set up to take credit card purchases by then. I hope you can make it! Here's what I'll be selling:

Homemade hyperufa pots. I have about 30 in various sizes and colors.
Five of them are planted with mosses and groundcovers. If we can drink enough champagne
between now and the Garden Art sale, I'll have a set of chairs to go with each planted pot.
I'll have only 47 of these hanging "Wine Bottle Torch Kits" with everything you need to make a hanging torch,
except for the empty wine bottle (which you'll have to come up with) and tiki torch fuel.
Already sold three as Father's Day gifts.
I'll have eight of these copper leaves in various stages of verdigris. they're intended as wall hangings,
but could make a good fountain, or cover an outside light for a dramatic effect.
I'll have my Hearts in the Gardens posters for sale as well.
Partial proceeds to benefit the National Garden Festival.
I'll also bring along a few of the Garden Walk Buffalo posters to sell,
proceeds to benefit Garden Walk Buffalo.


  1. Hey Jim, love those copper leaves. Copper as it ages is super.
    I like that you made all those hypertufa pots. One of these days I am going to do some, think they are really great.
    Hope your Garden Walk is a success.

  2. hope your hypertufa were a hit. nice idea to make the champagne seats too - does that mean you're a garden miniaturist now?

  3. Janet,
    The hypertufa is easy. More akin to playing in mud than creating pottery-like pots.

    I'l know on Sunday. Garden miniaturist? Hardly. I went around my yard looking for Alpines and ground covers to add to these pots. No money invested in miniature plants and expensive Alpines. Not that I won't do that in the future!

  4. Pretty post indeed! I love the pots.

  5. You took credit cards? Drat! I loved the copper leaf, but only carried my card yesterday. Any still available?

  6. Also call me a copper leaf fan. (Or call the copper leaf a fan.) I can't tell from the photo how large they are. They would be great on my deck to replace the old dried real ones.

  7. I forgot to wish you success this weekend! (And I expect lots of pictures.)

  8. Marmie,

    I do have a few more left and can still take credit cards. If you're out this way , and still interested, let me know.

    Thank you! I've not had time to post to the blog, but I will again. All was good and we did very well for a first-time event.

  9. Where can I get more wine bottle torch kits?

  10. If you're local, and will be visiting gardens for Open Gardens, I can be around on Thursdays. I still have a dozen or more kits left. Although tomorrow is tough, I won't be here after 4:00pm.

  11. Visiting in the southtowns ...where would the torch kits be?

  12. In my garden on Lancaster Avenue in Buffalo during Open Gardens.

  13. mentioned thursdays...are you open Friday too?

  14. The garden is not open on Fridays, but I am around most Fridays. If you were able to make it, just give me a call first, 884.3274.

  15. The hypertuffa looks great, and slightly different colours too. do you add a pigment to the mix as you prepare each one?

  16. Thanks - I'll come to one of the open garden thursdays!

  17. Diligent,
    Yes. Concrete dye is added to the mix. Different amounts give different tones. There are three here - natural "concrete" color, a terra cotta color and another more brown-y color.


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