Garden Walk Buffalo weekend, exhilarating and exhausting

In four days there was...
The gin-based punch with
cucumbers, basil and limes
was great.
  • A National Garden Festival/AAA luxury motorcoach garden tour of the communities south if Buffalo called The Southtowns Bouquet
  • A National Garden Festival/AAA luxury motorcoach garden tour of gardens with artworks titled The Buffalo-style Garden
  • 80+ Open Gardens throughout Buffalo Niagara on Thursday and Friday
  • A private, fundraising garden tour titled An Evening of Wine & Roses for 102 people, at $100 each, of three exclusive gardens by three motorcoaches and a reception afterwards
  • An art gallery opening of garden sculpture and photography
  • An art gallery opening of garden-themed art by watercolor painters
  • A garden-themed party at a local bar/restaurant J.P. Bullfeathers
  • A visit from Michel Gauthier, past director of the Canadian Tulip Festival (14 years), the Director of the International Peace Garden Foundation, he is a board member of Festivals and Events Ontario and Canada Blooms. He is also Chair of the World Tulip Summit (to be held in Istanbul, Turkey this year), and Chair of the Ontario Garden Tourism Coalition. He is also director (and founder) of the International Garden Tourism Conference
  • A visit from Cleveland/Akron travel writer Carolynn Mostyn of CR Media. Her columns and blog posts are picked up by newspapers throughout the northeast
  • A garden party in writer Elizabeth Licata's garden
  • The lighting in green of the International Peace Bridge (between the U.S. and Canada), and the 14-story Electric Tower and 21-story M&T Bank Building (in downtown Buffalo)
  • Dinner with representatives of Proven Winners ColorChoice Flowering Shrubs in town for Garden Walk Buffalo
  • Hosting of buses of visitors from Wilmington, DE; Toronto, ON; Hamilton, ON; Cincinnati, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; and another from another undetermined PA city
  • A concert in a pocket park - Sisti Park, along with a Luminaira display along Linwood Avenue. Garden Walk Buffalo had help provide some funds for the park's re-beautification.
  • A fundraiser for Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo (a group that helps citizens create community gardens) was held IN a community garden.
  • An actor portraying Buffalo Mayor William Fargo (1862-1886) held court in a community garden where his 22,170 sq. ft. home once stood.
  • And, last but not least, Garden Walk Buffalo, the largest garden tour in the U.S. with 376 gardens open for free – with five free buses shuttling 60,000-plus visitors around
Do other cities do this? I think not. Buffalo is special.
The Garden Art Opening at 1045 Elmwood Gallery of the Arts. Each of these 3.5' tall sculptures is only $125!
There are still plenty left - visit the Gallery at 1045 Delaware Ave, or call (716) 228-1855
if you're interested in purchasing one (or more at that price!).
Buffalo News repoter Hans Glick interviews International Garden Tourism Conference
Director Michel Gauthier in my garden.

Cleveland/Akron travel writer Carolynn Mostyn (right)
and her traveling companion Mary Ellen in my garden.
Michel Gauthier counting the weeds in my vegetable potager garden. Behind him, looking like a vision in green,
is Buffalo News and Buffalo Spree columnist, and National Garden Festival Director Sally Cunningham.
Here, Michel is probably thinking, "Oh mon Dieu! Combien les toiles d'araignée peuvent être là dans un jardin?"
Some sprinkles didn't scare people away.
The poster for this year's Garden Walk Buffalo.
So on Friday night I had dinner with the woman that has a say in what color lights get selected for Niagara Falls Canada.
I kid you not.
The Friday tour.
The Thursday tour.
80 Open Gardens throughout Buffalo Niagara.
There was even a couple times I saw my family.
Thanks for the photo Jack.


  1. Bravo! As usual makes me think happy thoughts of my visit a few years ago...

    1. We'll get you back here again - but it sounds (reads) as though you're traveling almost all the time already!

  2. No, other cities don't do that. That's quite a series of events and garden tours. I'm thinking I might have to take a trip out to Buffalo one of these years to partake in all this fun.

    1. And this was just four days of the six weeks of the National Garden Festival. There were weeekends when there were FIVE community garden tours happening at the same time!

  3. So many things happening in one weekend! overwhelming!
    I have a feeling that last Buffalo walk happened just 1 month ago or so....

    1. Overwhelming to say the least. I probably participated in more of these events than anyone else and I only got to see half of them!

  4. Fantastique ! to follow up in French. Felicitations a tous les jardiniers.


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