"Eternal" flame garden sconces

An easy outdoor sconce that doesn't need wiring, doesn't get burned out bulbs, looks good and takes just minutes to set up using some plumbing parts and an inexpensive solar light. It is the brainchild of my friend Alex at the blog Living the Small Life. They have about a dozen of them around their yard. And here's a photo of her garden. When they moved in it was a huge tree and a muddy, root-filled backyard. Having a dog, and knowing they went away every other weekend in the summer, meant this low-maintenance stone patio made MUCH more sense for all of them.


  1. The solution was "idiot proof!" The next set of solar lights will probably be a more burnished color. The fittings rusted more than we thought they would but the patina goes well with the rusted screen on the fence. The lights stay lit into the early morning hours which makes it easy to see where your dog is when you let her out at night....

  2. I can't tell what the part is that was used. Can you give a name or description?

  3. Plumbing parts include a split ring and ceiling plate, an 8" threaded rod and two zinc screws. Other than that, it's a solar light intended to be stuck in the ground.


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