Friday, November 29, 2013

A doll of a house and garden...

My friend Arlan has been on Garden Walk Buffalo since year two (it's going into its 20th year!). He was also chair of the event for five years. He's got one of my favorite gardens on the Walk. We'll it's one of my favorite gardens period.

And to make it all the more interesting, he and partner Dom have created a scale model of the house AND the garden. At the scale they're making it, the garden portion should make the whole thing about eight feet long.

I would love to create a scale model of my house and garden. Alas, I can't see that ever happening. in the meantime, I have Arlan and Dom's to appreciate.
If I remember correctly Arlan told me there were 70-some windows.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Who doesn't love Before & Afters?

All decked out.  2002 |  2013
Staring down the driveway. 2002 | 2013
Making a backyard room by taking out the backyard. 2002 | 2013
Child's play.  2002  |  2013
Full frontal  2002  |  2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My vertical hardy succulent frame from scratch

Each year for Garden Walk Buffalo,  I tackle one large project. Last year it was the hellstrip planting. Year before it was the bed of heuchera (coral bells) complete with a homemade copper heuchera fountain. One year it was the dwarf pear espalier, another year it was the Harry Potter Garden. One year it was the checkerboard garden. Another year it was the rock garden with rocks from our trips and travels.

Laid out as I plan it in my head. My wife says
I spend more time looking at things than doing things.
This year it's a 5'x3' hardy succulent frame made from scratch. I intend to hang it on the outside of the house under my kitchen window. There's a large blank space there just begging to be filled. It is 5' long because that is the width of the kitchen window.

Once this is up, there's pretty much no more room outside walls in the backyard for hanging things. Between the house and fences, I've got an ornate grate, a collection of Garden Walk Buffalo posters, three mirrors, a fish head fountain. a diamond-shaped dwarf pear tree espalier, and now this succulent frame. The gallery walls are now full.

I'll be asking for hardy succulents for Christmas this year (hint hint). I need to fill it in as full as I can. In addition to hardy succulents, I have some Scotch Moss that was growing elsewhere in the garden, and a few sedum. 

I found a place online that sells hardy succulent plugs in large quantities and in many varieties and colors. I may buy a tray of those. In addition, Arrowhead Alpines has a decent selection, though not in larger quantities, and not all a lot that are hardy in my zone - but in some great colors! For now, I have grow lights over the frame. I have until April to collect and let root before it gets picked up, moved outside and hung.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Narrow, plant-filled alleys of Cinque Terre, Italy

Maybe its living among cliffs; maybe it's wanting to see green life in shadow-filled narrow spaces; or just the desire to bring some of the gorgeous Mediterranean plant life in dense urban settings; whatever the reason for purchasing planters, planting, and caring for so many plants in these narrow spaces–it definitely makes for a beautiful and photogenic passageways.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My garden zipper is down

I had a low stone wall built down to delineate my yard from my neighbors. I think it looks like a zipper. Really it's more like a demilitarized zone blocking my invasives - ivy, gooseneck loosetrife chameleon plant, and Japanese lanterns from taking over my neighbor's very nice lawn. They're very nice neighbors. I'd hate to ruin their yard too.

My plan, once spring rolls around, is to possibly take out every third center brick and plant some hardy succulents - hens & chicks and sedums and the like. I also have a bit of reconfiguring of the brick path I had laid down years ago. Then it's figuring what to plant along the little wall to incorporate it into the rest of the garden.


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