A doll of a house and garden...

My friend Arlan has been on Garden Walk Buffalo since year two (it's going into its 20th year!). He was also chair of the event for five years. He's got one of my favorite gardens on the Walk. We'll it's one of my favorite gardens period.

And to make it all the more interesting, he and partner Dom have created a scale model of the house AND the garden. At the scale they're making it, the garden portion should make the whole thing about eight feet long.

I would love to create a scale model of my house and garden. Alas, I can't see that ever happening. in the meantime, I have Arlan and Dom's to appreciate.
If I remember correctly Arlan told me there were 70-some windows.

Dom went and painted the stained glass windows to match the actual windows.
Here's the shed they made to match the shed they made below.

They have two huge trees in the backyard. So of course they have to be made. These are made with hypertufa.
When I last saw them (this past summer) Arlan was "leafing" them, and about to paint moss on the north sides. Details.
And it even includes their strawberry stairs, shown below.


  1. It's worthy of that miniature museum in Germany!

  2. I agree with Alex. They did a superb job and I myself have made many architectural models, so I don't say that lightly.


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