Taj-maShed Progressing

The mother of all potting sheds, the Shrieking Shack, is slowly progressing. Major projects still include the roofing and the tiling of the base with slate tiles. Small projects abound, from framing the round-topped window (NOT looking forward to that), trimming out all the windows and door with stop and trim, adding latches and a lock on the door, and siding the entire back side (it can't be seen, so it wasn't a priority!).

Tomorrow I'll probably add the fourth, and last window that goes in the bay window area facing the street. It'll look much more finished when that is done. All the windows were our attic windows that got replaced this year. Even the door came from the house originally.

The goal now is to make it weather tight. Then later this fall, and in the spring, I can add planter boxes, lattice trellis, and arbor, finish up the painting, add some solar lights, and outfit the interior with a potting/work bench and peg board and the like. And I have to start to put the Harry Potter Garden back in front of it.

It won't have electricity or water. It does have wifi though - because it's so close to my home office.

I love working on it. It's like constant problem solving and I can work on it for hours at a time.

I've found the secret to carpentry, for me anyway, is the art of mistake covering – you build a frame and make mistakes – and cover it with paneling. You make mistakes with paneling – and you cover it with clapboard and shingles. You do sloppy clapboard and shingles – and you cover it with trim pieces. I just have to get better with trim – there's nothing to cover that with.

I''m thinking about adding shutters to round-topped window. These are the things that keep me up at night.

The fascia got skinned with shingles.

The inspiration. The shed is a mini-me of our house.
No turret though – round stuff is advanced carpentry. I'm just a weekend handyman.


  1. You're amazing, Jim. And, when you're finished, Toronto isn't that far away…you can take the sheddle bus!

  2. And paint covers a lot of mistakes, too. Honestly can't see any mistakes. Don't go with shutters -- no need to keep the hurricanes or Indians out in Buffalo. Flower boxes would look nice, though, and probably easy to build after tackling the shed.

    1. Yes - and paint - the healer of all wounds! Flower boxes will be a relief to work on after the rest of it. I have an old pair of louvered closet doors I plan to make into a window box. Shutters are only an afterthought. They may never happen!


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