The Dunhaven garden in Atlanta

This past fall I was fortunate enough to attend the GWA | The Association of Garden Communicators Conference in Atlanta. Part of the long weekend is touring gardens. This garden, a private residential garden named Dunhaven, was the very first one our bus hit up. It set quite a high bar for the rest!

It was in a wooded setting, with no neighbors visible.  My favorite feature was the stone arbor, above, that led to a forest path. Below are other great features in their garden.

The owner was kind enough to provide us with a map of the property. I've been wanting to do one of these for MY garden.
More shed porn. Love the Dutch door! To the left is a path going into the woods laden with garden sculptures.
One of the many sitting areas which can be found pretty much on all for (or more) sides of the house.
Another sitting area with fire pit and stone benches.
Little touches were all over the place.

Another side of the house, all the way around the house if I remember correctly.

At Christmas time, they put a Christmas tree in this gazebo.

I always appreciate an espalier.
A living basket!

An antique lawn roller. I think my grandad had something like this.
Close up of the bridge seen below.

The driveway bridge the owner built himself. It's a cattle-type bridge that deer will not walk on. The rest of the property is fenced. He said damage by deer is nearly nil.


  1. JCharlier! Your photographs speak to me, thank you for sharing this inspirational garden. I love all the sitting areas, and the stone arbor is amazing.

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