Gardening on Instagram

I'm having fun with gardening on Instagram. I post pretty much a photo a day. Rather looking at ugly hard drives sitting on my desk and never looking through the photos, now I get to look through them – and share them online.

Some photos are of my own garden, but the vast majority are from trips to gardens seen on my travels – around the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. And with nearly 40,000 garden photos in my collection, I think I can keep to a photo a day for the next 109 years.

What you see in the image were my top nine posts for 2016. Follow me on Instagram at


  1. Are blogs becoming dinosaurs? Is all the action moving to Instagram?

    1. In many ways, probably so. But you really can't learn much from Instagram posts. It's a purely visual medium. There's no delving into topics and personality is conveyed in the collection of photos instead of prose. And prose is better for communicating. But Instagram is easy and quick!

  2. I'm enjoying Instagram more these days, too. However, I prefer to review and crop photos on a larger screen. Instagram is fun for quick observations and captures, though.


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