Color's popping in the front yard. Not much out back. It's spring, so we don't spend much time outside, we see the front yard more as we come and go in the fall and spring, so this is where the action is.

The tulips are (mostly) in and the perennials are slowly waking up. Shrubs are starting to bud. In one month, it'll be my favorite time for the garden.

This weekend, if the weather is with us, it'll be my first trip to the High Line in NYC. And in the coming weeks? Butchart Gardens in Victoria British Columbia. It's been on my wish list for ever. Can't wait.
My evergreen bonsai made it through another winter.

It's probably hard to tell, but there's a "Jim" version of a river of grape hyacinths on the right. I went to Kuekenhof, the famous tulip garden in Lisse, Holland, and saw what they did with "rivers" of different flowers in their displays. I have a brick "wall" between the tulips and grape hyacinths – 'ya gotta keep 'em separated.
From another angle. I add a few tulips each year. Makes up for the tulips that don't come back each year.
The Hellstrip looks sort of hellish, but the tulips help it look a bit better.
It's like a garden of Crayola Crayons. My favorite are the Parrot Tulips, not in bloom yet, front and to the left-ish.
Checkerboard garden of grass and pavers is getting more grass seed. The area that gets the deepest shade barely makes it through the winter. I threw down seed this past weekend in the hopes that the grass will grow in a bit before the redbuds leaf out and throw shade at the grass.
I already have 60 new Hens & Chicks to add to the succulent frame. The top frame piece is rotting. That'll have to be replaced.
The diamond-shaped pear tree espalier has LOTS of blossoms on it. We'll have to see if that translates into pears. We stained the deck this past weekend, can you tell?


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