Terrariums, dig it?

I haven't planted a stylin' terrarium since my teen years in the '70s. My daughter did me a solid and gave me these way decent glass planters from a friend's aunt's estate sale. No one had bought them. In my frugality, I opted not to buy any plants for them – just did a quick hunt for some plants and cuttings from things I already had around.

I'm sure they'd be more successful if I bought plants more suited to the terrarium in size and moisture/sunlight requirements. Again...hate spending mulah. It harshes my mellow, man.

I did bogart some swell moss growing on some bricks outside. And the keen little cottage is a David Winter Cottage that was my wife's inheritance from a family friend. We have a box full of them someplace in the basement – out of sight! Far out.

The killer pumpkin is something my daughter made in an art class in high school. Sweet! Seemed seasonally appropriate. I may find something else to switch it out with after the holidays.

I have no idea if these will grow, or if I've just entombed some plants, sentencing them to death. I'm not down with that. But I'd just keep on keepin' on.

If I ever start a '70s sand art, multi-colored, landscape jar, or macrame plant hangers, dude, ya' gotta' stop me. Though I do have a far out lava lamp they might look good with. And some heavy black light posters were trashed decades ago.

Peace out.


  1. Fun! I'm sure they'll do just fine. I've had a few over the years. The ones that seem to last thrive on neglect. Good luck!

  2. waaaaaaaaa, that looks like just come out from fantasy world

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