I see you there. Don't think I can't see you.


  1. Too cute, but I expect not appreciated if the critter eats everything in sight. When I visited the street where I had gardened on Chicago's north side recently, there were bunnies romping around in broad daylight. I was told that when a building went up in place of an area of open land, the rabbits moved to nearby back yards.

  2. sweet bunny... what can I say...

  3. Now that there's plenty around to eat, he's not going after the some of the things I hold dearest - my espaliers!

    I live in a very urban setting. When we take evening walks around the neighborhood, rabbits bound on the sidewalk in front of us.

    I'll be sending him to you by UPS. Cash due on delivery.

  4. He's adorable. Wait. Maybe it's a SHE. Maybe you'll have a whole bunny family gracing your gardens. Wouldn't that be great? Probably as long as they know what to eat and what to leave alone. Since they don't climb, hopefully they'll leave your espaliers alone. Here's hoping. :)

  5. Oh no! Not in your garden, too! I have a little bunny (named her Cinnamon Bunny). She got so frustrated about not liking the plants that I sprayed with I MUST GARDEN rabbit repellent that she decided to eat LARKSPUR! She's still alive, so I guess they aren't as poisonous as we're led to believe. I have now taken to spraying the larkspur, too -- and chasing her out of the garden EVERY morning.

    PS They eat rabbits in France.

  6. Where's the shotgun when you really need it?

  7. They are cute... Til they eat a lot of your plants. I should confess, several years ago,when they ate my young plants I took a big rock and I though I could kill a cute fluffy creature. He was so close to me,a yard away maybe. Well, you can guess what happened - I never did that. Just was sitting there crying...

  8. Hi Jim - Cameron is correct they do eat bunnies in France... so lucky your garden isn't here. It's a real shame at infact, that despite living in the countryside I rarely see a rabbit - mostly the odd hare... hope he doesn't do too much damage :-(

  9. How can something so cute be so destructive?

  10. Grace,
    The only bunnies I want in my garden are Playboy's.

    You're probably in France right now. Have some lapin for me.

    Mr.Mcg's Daughter,
    All I've got is the bow and arrows I had as a twelve year old. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with them now. The rabbits are probably pretty safe from me.

    Now, was it you crying, or the rabbit, I wasn't clear...

    Not too much damage this time of year. there's so much for him to eat, the damage is spread around quite a bit. Fall and early spring are more dangerous times.

    You haven't met my 10-year-old daughter.

  11. I hope this bunny didn't eat anything... but at my house we had a problem - with the smallest baby bunnies eating everything. liquid fence spray for rabbits and deer worked great. it did smell when we sprayed it - but it did the job and didn't bother us at all.


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