Garden Bloggers Bloom Day June 09

Went away for a quick weekend trip and came back to this rose standard in my potager garden just screaming at me.

Roses are a little beat up. House was painted last week, and they were roughed up a bit.

A flower in bloom, whose name I've forgotten. It's in the Harry Potter garden.

Lantana along the posts of the trellis.

My big peony.

The over-stimulated clematis.


  1. The rose standard is stunning. Does it get a lot of fertilizer?

  2. Phillip,
    I feed it nothing. My experience with roses is that the more I ignore them, the better they perform.

  3. Your mystery plant looks like something in the mint family, if that helps at all. Don't you hate having work done on the outside of the house? I'm nervous wreck anytime anyone does anything out side. You may think your Clematis is overstimulated, but I think it looks magnificent.

  4. Jim, do you remember the variety of the Clematis - it's wonderful. Kevin & I scooted to the Roycroft two weeks ago & did side trips to Buffalo for 2 days - had a great time. Just saw that the bloggers will be in Buffalo next year - Hooray - my car knows the way!

  5. Rose Standards always remind me of the little girl who ran home and shouted, "Mama, Mama, Mr. John planted a bouquet on a stick!"

    They make such gorgeous bouquets.

  6. That unknown plant looks like Phlomis to me.

  7. I love the rose standard! The peony and clematis are both beautiful. I enjoyed that post yesterday!

  8. Mr.McGsDaughter,
    I was very nervous having all teh painters around the house, but they were great–especially compared to teh roofers a few years back that trampled anything they came near.

    Sounds like a great weekend. The Roycroft Inn is special. We've been out there for dinner often and parties, but never over night. What else did you do in Buffalo? Or will I see it in posts?

    Bouquet on a stick is an accurate description. It's in its second year and came through the winter fine. I was worried about it. It sits dead-center in my vegetable potager.

    YOU'RE THE WINNER! That is it. It sounded right when I read you comment and I looked it up (trust, but verify). Even the name sounds kind of Harry Potter-ish.

    The rose standard would look even better had I not taken the shot in harsh sunlight. But, you know, it's the fifteenth and the shot HAD to be taken on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, or the blogging police can come and take you blogging license away. Or something.

  9. Ha! I had a similar thing of having to shoot my GBBD pics in sunlight so as not to offend anyone! ;-) Do you know the name of your rose standard?

  10. Oh my goodness - it's so good to finally find someone on a blog with the same growing zone as me - and better yet, my own backyard! :) I'm in Niagara Falls, and I've been really disappointed this year in the showing of my summer perennials. My backyard garden is new, but it still feels slower compared to last year. I'm off to read more of your blog - but I trust that you'll be a part of the garden walk this year?

  11. love the clematis and peony! amazing a flower can be that sky blue.

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  13. Jean,
    You're lucky. Whereas I cannot remember plant names for the life of me, I do remember where I keep all the tags. The rose standard is "Polar Joy," It was, "...developed for the Northern garden." if you believe the marketing language on the tag.

    No, I don't remember the name of the clematis. It's about seven years old and that tag is ling gone.

    Yeesh! You've been burning through my past posts. Glad to have you visit. I was in Niagara Falls earlier today, up at the Castellani Art Museum. Yes. I'll be part of Garden Walk again this year–I'm the president of the group!

    b&g girl,
    It's actually slightly more purple than the photo–but then that depends on how your monitor is showing it. It is a gorgeous color. Can't be missed.

  14. The unknown Harry Potter plant looks like a phlomis to me. I've got the yellow-flowered one. Save me some seed and I'll pick it up at the Buffalo shindig next summer. I'll bring you some of the yellow.


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