My Christmas wish list

I usually don't pick up photos from other blogs & shopping websites and post them here. But I do troll many design blogs & sites always looking for cool & new products to satisfy my visceral visual need for well-designed unique products. Reading garden blogs isn't enough to feed my design habit. No offense to you garden bloggers.

Detail of the ginkgo mobile.

Here's a few images I've collected of things I want. Chief among them is this ginkgo biloba mobile. I've got an immense, two-story tall space in my stairwell that begs for this mobile every day. The mobile can be found here for the reasonable price of $228. But if you're in the mobile market, you might want to check out this interior designer's blog, A Schematic Life.

I found this tiny Polaroid-looking planter/hanging light combo to be exactly something I want but don't need. I'll need about 20. It can be found here. Unfortunately, here is in Korea.

We've been searching for just the right light to go over our round table in our turret (image right). This comes close. The glass & brass fake candle-looking chandelier that's been there since we moved in bothers me every time I look at it. I think I could like looking at this. It'd be like moving the moon into the room. I think I could almost make this from a large lampshade and black & white transparency film.

And I don't have a large window to add any decals to, but if I did. I'd want something like this on the right. It's actually an architect's custom window stencil for the house found on this blog.

And wouldn't this be cool? A wooden turned pedestal with your profile? My wife would probably never in a million years have something like this made (she of a unique nose). But isn't it awesome? All it takes is a photo of your profile & $150.

Being a graphic designer, and attracted to typographic solutions and unique type forms, I really want this door mat. Only $30. Can be found here.

In an effort to attract only the coolest of birds to my property, I'd take any of these Joe Papendick designed birdhouses and any of his bird feeders.

And this, the selfish Sunny Day Bench for one, is the ultimate piece of furniture for my antisocial side. No price listed. That means something.

And what gardener wouldn't want these salad servers? $30 bucks.


  1. I have been admiring those bird feeders for awhile...they are stunning works of art. I hope you get at least one thing from this list!

  2. Gail,
    I'll be accepting gifts until and through July. I remember seeing these bird feeders in someone's post a long time ago and they've been on my mind.

  3. Jim I am SO TOTALLY sold on that lamp shade in black with the bright full moon .. it is AWESOME !!! .. if you do figure out how to make it .. will you tell me how to as well ? I have fallen in love with it.
    Your other choices are great as well and if I had the money ?!.. wink wink
    Joy : )

  4. GardenJoy4Me,
    If I can figure out where I got the image from, I want to see how much it costs first. I have a big list of things I've seen and said, "I could make that!" and never do. If there's a two for one sale on 'em, I'll get one for you.

  5. I love that door mat. And I think you mean trawl, rather than 'troll'! Or do you...?

  6. You have a great eye, Jim! Love the post -- my favorites would be the Ginkgo mobile and the Profile Wood pedestal! FUN stuff!

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  8. That door mat is awesome, Jim, and I really love the birdhouses.


  9. Oooh, cool stuff. The Ginko mobile has just given me another idea for a welding project. Too bad I've already done my wish list, I love the salad servers.

  10. Amanda,
    Trawl, troll, I have the capability to do both. The troll part of me likes the "Go Away"part of the mat.

    Only one good eye? What, you think I'm a pirate or something? Thanks. My wife likes the mobile, not so hot on the round lamp. We'll see what happens.

    Thanx Roxanne - the birdhouse is another thing I think I could make myself - but then never do.

    Weld away - but report what you've welded to us all.

  11. I think I want them all. Greed was never kind to the shopping list... or budget, depending on who's doing the shopping!

  12. That gingko mobile and the moon lampshade - wow.

  13. Those are really clever gift ideas. I think the doormat is ingenious and the ginko mobile is amazing. You've got a real eye for these things...


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