Garden Smart Alec

Here is the garden of Alec, who lives just up the street. At a time of which I'm still thinking about getting out into the yard to see what there needs to be done, he's already got his plant supports out for the plants to grow into. I know, it takes three minutes to find it, then poke it into the ground. I just haven't found those three minutes yet. Or where I put the stupid thing last fall.

Alec's invited all the Garden Bloggers coming in July to stop by, so you'll get to see this garden in person.

Here's his garden now (well, yesterday).

Here's his front garden last summer.

Here it is on the cover of a Garden Gate magazine.

And here it is on the cover of People Places Plants.


  1. wish I were a garden smart alec. that is a beauuuutiful garden. I'd better get out and get to work in mine. thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Your neighbor is a very wise gardener. Don't we all wish that we could be that timely.

  3. I'm glad you showed the current shot with the support mesh hoops before you showed last year's garden picture. All those blooming perennials standing perfectly upright would have caused no end of insecurity on my part if that had occurred naturally! If only!

    That is one beautiful garden!

  4. He is a very good gardener.
    His garden is awesome.
    Thank you for sharing it to us.

  5. Ooh, I love his arched arbor. One more thing to look forward to at Buffa10.


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