It may be the only garden tour to ever get a standing ovation...

It was just the Allentown gardens that are on Garden Walk Buffalo...

Drinks in the garden of my co-coordinator for the weekend, Buffalo Spree Editor, contributor and GardeningWhileIntoxicated blog writer, Elizabeth Licata...

And a small dinner, for 70, in the garden of the 20th Century Club in the sweltering heat...

And a private, self-guided tour of the cottages in Buffalo's Cottage District, in the occasional "soft rain"...

 (photo by Flatbush Gardener)
 And a visit to a re-dedication service for Delaware Park's Buffalo's Japanese Garden, behind the Historical Society...

And a private lunch at Rue Franklin...

And a visit to Urban Roots Community Garden Center, the country's only co-operative garden center...

And a visit to a Front Yard Garden Competition between local landscapers where 19 gardens were created from scratch in an eastside neighborhood that was transformed in only the previous three days...

And a happy hour in a private residential garden complete with its own cabana bar...

And a visit to a trial gardens, and voting on plants that may make it to market in a few years at the Erie Basin Marina on a sparkling day...
A visit to a landmark historical botanical garden, where, amongst the plants, a professional photographer was on hand to take portraits for each blogger to use for their promotional materials...

A group photo of the 72 bloggers from 23 different states and Canada...

 (photo by Flatbush Gardener)
A casual picnic catered by Curly's in the garden of Harry Lockwood and a visit & tours of Lockwood's Greenhouses...

A visit to the enchanting gardens of international daylilly & hosta experts Kathy Guest Shadrack and Mike Shadrack, complete with high tea, scones and clotted cream & jam in the middle of the forest...

Happy hour in the area's newest hotel, the Embassy Suites, where most spent the weekend, smack dab in the middle of Taste of Buffalo going on...

And dinner at the Bijou Grill in Buffalo's Theater District...

And today is a private tour of magazine-worthy gardens of Lancaster Avenue, with a lunch at my house, catered by the Lexington Co-op.

I don't know if it was all worthy of a standing ovation for Elizabeth and I. Most of these things any Buffalonian can do on any given day. Buffalo gardeners may not realize it, but this city is blessed. And now we have 70 fans spreading the word that Buffalo New York is a great place to garden. Proof:

"...put Buffalo and Garden Walk on your bucket list!" -Susan Reimer, The Baltimore Sun

"Buffalo, New York. The quintessential snow storm city, forever pictured in the minds of out-of-towners as a place where snow is ever present.  Forget about all of that! Now it's Buffalo, New York.  The quintessential gardening city, forever pictured in the minds of gardeners and other people as a place where gardens are everywhere. Remember it that way!" May Dreams Gardens

"...these truly are real gardens by real people. Really great gardens by really generous people. We've been blown away by Buffalo. We think you will, too. " Toronto Gardens

"Buffalo has charmed me." Patty Craft, Horticulture

Posts on Buffalo's Gardens:

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  1. I haven't stopped applauding the efficiency and kindness you and Elizabeth showed all of us - and all the treats you arranged for every day. Thank you. Applause, applause, applause!

  2. It looks as wonderful as I knew it would be. And I almost cried when I saw you went to Rue Franklin. I didn't realize it was still there; it was our college favorite!

  3. Not only a standing ovation, but bouquets of organic, locally grown roses, hugs and kisses! Bravo!


    And thank you.

  4. Geez, I'm with Frances.

    It was a wonderful time.

    Thanks again.


  5. Encore! Encore! You and Elizabeth both did an outstanding job... and made it look so easy. Everything was perfect... the food, the hotel, the mix of gardens, the pleasant surprises like Hope Blooms behind the hotel, the company, the bus, the gardens, the website, the low cost, a delicious omelet for breakfast every morning prepared by Gregory... everywhere we went people were so nice and excited to see us. Thank you for making our 3rd garden bloggers fling such a special event.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  6. Jim, A wonderful time was had by all of us and you both deserved the standing ovation...My only regret is not being able to see your garden; but, a garden Walk vacation will have to be planned! Thank you,


  7. aloha jim,

    what a wonderful event, wish i could have made a fantastic trip like this, but i just came back from the mainland...i would love to someday go to my first meet up-sounds like an amazing group of guys did an excellent job and i'm enjoying my virtual tours of beautiful buffalo...who knew???

  8. Commanweeder,
    You're too kind. It was our treat to treat you. As long as you don't come back again this weekend. I Don't think I could handle that.

    Linda(& by proxy, Mark),
    You've got some explaining to do! Family reunions are no excuse to miss the excellent weekend we had. Families stick with you forever, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You were genuinely missed.

    Bouquets of natives would be fine. But having a few treat Elizabeth and me to dinner last night was very very nice, and appreciated.

    How it Grows,
    I think I can speak for everyone that attended to say that it was the among best garden tour they've ever been on. Everyone, feel free to disagree.

    Don't just follow Frances, there's no telling where she'll take you. But thank you for the kind words.

    If I could have made that omelet for you I would have, if it would make your weekend here even better. But I'm sure the Embassy Suites took good care of you. We chose them because their service is among the best in the area. And they have large rooms, and apparently, for a few of you, kick-ass jacuzzi tubs.

    We'll get you back up here. It's a long way, but you saw such a small sliver of our gardens - only about one-tenth!

    You missed a good one!

  9. Thank you for creating an unforgettable experience! Despite all I saw and did, it left me wanting to come back and see it all. It's hard to know where to start before I become a complete gushing mess. Your gardens inspired me, your people impressed me, and your city won my heart.
    Bravi tutti!

  10. If you are going to step out of the wilderness, it should be for a good reason. You and Elizabeth did a most excellent job organizing the perfect reason. What better way could there be than to see the big city on a tour designed by passionate locals.

  11. The more posts I see, the more bummed I am that I couldn't make it! (And btw, I am completely blown away by the ginormous cactus in the foreground of that one private garden photo. Those are difficult enough to deal with at the botanical garden... I can't imagine keeping one in my home and garden--how OLD must that huge thing be?!)

  12. Jim, you and Elizabeth did a marvelous job of planning an incredible garden-filled weekend for us. I had a terrific time. Thanks for everything!

  13. MMD,
    We'll just have to get you back here. really, there are still more incredible gardens to visit. You've now seen some great areas with gardens, but it is really just scratching the surface. And now that we won your heart, you HAVE to come back.

    I know it's tough to drag you out of the hills, but I'm glad you found it worthwhile. Next meet-up in Clyde, anyone?

    You aren't that far away. In a quick trip you could be here for Garden Walk!

    We were following your first meet-up lead by making sure there was a balance of touring and socializing. That seems to be what people liked. I think we found a good mix.

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You all deserve all the kudos you can get. And everything else good too. It was outstanding, really.

  15. WOW!!!!!
    I wish that I could have made it, everyone looks like they are having a great time.

  16. We are bringing a group of Buffalo expats, from around the country, home for the Walk next weekend. Congrats on all you have done, and are doing, to position Buffalo as a premiere garden destination.

    Team BEN

  17. Jean,
    Glad to leave customers happy.

    A good time was had by all!

    Why thank you. I'm sure I'll see your group around town next week.

  18. Makes me feel happy just by looking at them. It's like a connection to nature. :)

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