Moons over Augsberg

While in Germany recently, we spent a night in the pretty city of Augsberg. In the middle of the tree canopy in the city park alongside the train station were these glowing spheres. During the day, they're nice, but certainly not magical.

I thought they looked wonderful and now have to figure out how to incorporate the beautiful simplicity of these into my garden. It's difficult being a slave to good ideas. Unfortunately I have no compunction or guilt about stealing good ideas. I'm sociopathic that way.

Do they still sell beer balls?


  1. That looks magical indeed!

    i wouldn't blame you if you borrow that idea, i think i might do it as well, it would be nice to have a moon in my garden too.

  2. I thought the same as the commenter above. Moon in the garden. These globes are very alluring at night. A very interestingly, simple form in repetition.

  3. ~fer,
    I gotta' figure out how to string 'em up, and how to rum the electricity, but these are the things that keep me awake at night during the winter.

    They were stunning in person. These shown are a bit out of scale for my garden, but a beer ball sized one and a couple small globes would work in my garden.

  4. Looks great indeed! Sometimes its not bad to steal the good ideas.


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