Garden playsets 3

In the Puppen und Spielzeug Museum (The Puppet & Doll Museum) in Rothenberg ob der Tauber, they did have more conventional dollhouses that were very elaborate. The doll houses on display were obviously built by craftspeople and furnished with every conceivable household item, sometimes chandeliers WERE crystal, fabrics were created for them (judging from the fabric patterns, reproduced in a small scale). These were apparently built for people with money. And because of that, the houses had expensive-looking gardens.


  1. I went through all the posts you have of late, and these miniatures are spectacular. In architecture we build little scale models out of chip board and balsam for clients to see massing and scale in three dimensions, but these structures are incredible.I can not imagine the time to produce this type of craft. The detail alone.... Thanks for the tours.


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