Neuschwanstein Castle (no gardens to speak of)

Sorry, no garden here, really. Hard to put a garden on an alp. Neuschwanstein Castle sits on a hill in the Alps in Bavaria, along the German border with Austria. Supposedly, this is the castle on which Walt Disney based Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disney Land. It is truly impressive and looks spectacular year round. It's a 19th century building (finished in 1884, just 13 years before MY house was built), by King Ludwig on the foundations of a castle formerly on the site. This was our second trip here. We wanted to come back here and bring our daughter. Every girl should visit a real castle while they're still a kid (I'm told).

The only garden-ish part of this castle was the grotto room on one of the upper floors of the building. Sorry, couldn't take any photos on the inside of the building. Let's just say the castle was first conceived by a set designer and the grotto room, complete with faux-stone walls, pebble floor, clever lighting, hidden doors and fountains, was very well done. Not that the bedrooms, ballroom or throne rooms weren't well thought out. Most were themed with the music & theater productions featuring Wagner, King Ludwig's favorite composer.
Photographed from the castle across the way, Ludwig's dad's place, Hohenschwangau Castle.
The walk up the hill is a bit of a trek. We could have taken a bus, but what's the fun in that?
It could actually use some greenery.
There's a trail from the castle over to this bridge.
This bridge is where the photo at the top of the post was taken from.
From inside the courtyard of the castle.
View of the lake in the Alps. First time we were here, there were
hang gliders soaring through the mountains.
Closer-up of the bridge.
Directly below the bridge.


  1. So stunning. That is all I can say.

  2. Stunning photos. We were there in the late 1980's. We took our daughter on the tour but she was only a year old at the time. We just went back to Europe over the summer although we didn't go to this castle, we did revisit another of King Ludwig's digs...Herronchiemsee. He actually never lived there...and only spend a couple of nights there before he died.

  3. Jan,
    We were there in the late '80s too (not much has changed!). We didn't have time to visit Herronchiemsee this time around. Hopefully next visit!

  4. Sound's great place. This castle looks like a fairytale castle. Hope one day I would get to see this castle.

  5. I was there in 1976, when I was *cough*a baby*cough*, and almost slid off that cliff behind the castle while trying to take a picture. Ah, we photographers do suffer for our art... I should point out that my camera then was an antiquated Brownie; antiquated, even for the time.

  6. Helen, It hasn't changed much since 1976, I'm sure! And I'm also sure you haven't changed much either.

  7. Love this post -- "mad" King Ludwig is one of my favorite historical characters (I even wrote a book on him :)). Your pictures are just beautiful. So glad I came across this!


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