Mexican Homes & Gardens 2 - Barbie's Dream Casa

We called this one the Sayulita Barbie Dream House. It's a spec home built to sell. The gardens around it weren't as impressive as the amount of pink paint required to make this house scream. The owner wasn't in, but we got a quick walk through anyway. Our 12-year-old daughter swooned.

The back of the house.

The infinity pool was rather small, considering the size of the house.
The view didn't suck.
Interior stairwell. That's a lotta' pink.
Front of the house. Infinity pool is the last curve on the left on the upper level.

They aren't real. They're over-sized sculptures of the
geckos that would normally hang out there.
Geckos are good -- they eat mosquitoes and other bugs.


  1. There's no such thing as too much pink. What fun photos and I agree, the view does not suck.


  2. Woa. That house is outstanding! Please tell me that Ken and Skipper pulled out of the driveway in a Banana yellow Barbie car while you were there.


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