Springtime around the spread

Seems like a while since I've shown my own garden progress, not that I've done much. My Senior Associate Assistant Garden Maintenance Engineer was out there in March, during the week that was 80° and she accomplished a lot of clean-up. I did get out this past weekend and got a little done. On top is the front yard, now, when it looks fresh and neat. It'll look like an uncontrolled jungle in another month.

This is the bed that will get the copper coral bell fountain
I made over the winter. The tub it'll sit in is under the
white think thee-quarters of the way in the back.
This bed will be 90% coral bells when I'm done.

There were a lot of violets growing in the bed, but I took them out
and placed them outside the bed where I took a row of brick pavers
out of the patio. It'll soften the edge of the raised bed.
This'll be my "before" photo. The fountain will go in in the coming weeks.
About half of the hypertufa pots & troughs for the garden art sale made to date.
They're sitting in the rain to help leach the lime out of the concrete.
I planted lettuce in the potager - and trimmed the unruly rose standard in the middle.
I trimmed the pear tree espalier into its diamond shape three days ago
and it's looking shaggy already.
The newer pear trees planted are taking their time coming in. If, they sleep in year one, creep in year two.
and leap in year three, then they'll be leaping this year. Stay tuned.
The Harry Potter garden got cleaned up, but still needs all the odd-looking
house plants brought out, and signage added, to finish it off.
An addition to the Harry Potter garden last year - Bastard Balm.
A totally appropriate name for a plant in a children's garden n'est pas?
Front yard from another angle. Tulips are past, but alium are next up.
Forget-me-nots not wanting to be forgotten.


  1. Gas plant (Dictamnus alba) is super cool and super pretty, but unfortunately that's not what you show in that picture. That's a Melittis melissophyllum, aka Bastard Balm, plant with the best common name EVER. Still a super cool, gorgeous plant, but won't cause any explosions.

  2. You are so right Young Joseph! I bought the Bastard Balm (because I liked the name) and planted it next to the gas plant, the one of which I smelled) but had forgotten which was which. I've changed it above - thank you, thank you!

    I'm going to venture into the Alpine world of plants with a couple of these hypertufa planters - any suggestions for a newbie?

  3. Looking good, Jim. Allium is up here and starting to open, but leaving tomorrow and doubtful I will see much of it. All your beds look tidy and I admire all the work that goes into them. See you in NC next.

  4. Thanks Donna,

    I think the Alliums will hit peak when we're in NC!


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