Shedding in the garden

The Harry Potter Garden will go back in the diamond-shaped areas at the base of the shed you see in the photo.
Finally a productive weekend working on the potting shed. After a weekend in Toronto visiting gardens for three days straight (which I wouldn't have missed for anything) and a trip "home" to Binghamton, NY (about 3.5 hours from Buffalo) to visit with my Alzheimer's-afflicted mom, it was finally Jim time – a two-day weekend to work on the shed, and a few other smaller projects in the garden. And of course, a garden dinner party with good friends!

It's coming together! Like a puzzle that's kicking my ass.
The diamond-shaped window is the exact size
of the diamond-shaped pavers the shed sits on.
The front window is going to be an oval-topped
window that came out of 1897 Dutch Colonial house.
Another feature is a bay window, intended to
accommodate any future greenhouse ambitions.
I'm really liking the diamond-shaped paver floor already.
Built the bar base last fall. The black-eyed Susan vine is happily climbing the wall grate.
The vine is the best thing to ever grow in this space.
In real life, the color of the clematis and the plates were much closer!
My wife made new curtains for around the hot tub.
This is on of the happy hostas that get stored in their pots in the
garage all winter. This winter it'll be in the new potting shed.
Finally cleared this area out. It was the home for the lumber left over from the destruction of the jungle gym over the winter.
The granite and marble scrap "carpet" did well over the winter. A few adjustments here and there and it'll be good as new.
The coral bell bed and coral bell copper fountain are looking good.
Houseplants, overwintered pots and annuals mix it up on their summer vacation. There are hostas, coleus, hens and chicks, Japanese fountain grass, a columnar apple tree, peace lily, basil, asparagus fern, sedums, an avocado tree, a pine tree, lantana and much more - just in this photo!


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