All ready for America's largest garden tour...

The best Garden Walk ever? We think so, but we're extremely biased. This was the "above-the-fold" banner on the front page of the Buffalo News when I woke up yesterday. Always the start of a good weekend.  

And to the right here was the Home & Style section. Have to thank the Susan Martin/Sally Cunningham duo to give garden tour coverage its due.  

I was then off for a 6:00 a.m. live TV segment on the local NBC affiliate with Channel 7 WKBW weatherman Andy Parker. At the same time, Garden Walk Buffalo Chair, Cindy Loomis, was on WIVB's News 4 Wake-Up morning show. After my segments, it was off for a radio interview with WECK's Tom Donahue.

Then, home to do more Garden Walk Buffalo Facebook posts, a client meeting then helping set up our three headquarters. I'm tired.

But, the garden is ready for around 3,000 visitors today. Well, as ready as it's gonna' get anyway. In total we'll have around 70,000 visitors. And Andy Parker said the weather will be good – hot. Maybe even the hottest its been in two years.
Last year's project, the hanging garden is looking good.
Sorry for the poor lighting. The front garden has never looked better.

The Shrieking Shack is not finished but is ready for photos.
The deck is good to go.
Still have to sweep some sand into the marble carpet.
And we added a new fence this week!
It gives the entire back yard a new look.


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