Update on the mother-of-all-potting sheds

With only summer weekends to work on the shed (and some of those weekends lost to trips, vacation, family visits, and weather), much progress was made this summer on the Harry Potting Shed.

Mid September 2014, just an idea.
Before the snow flies, there's still plenty to be done – adding a foundation of slate tiles, fully enclosing the bay window side panes with glass, and getting a lock for the door. Those are on the mandatory list. Anything else I can get done – that the weather allows – is a bonus.

If I can get the slate tile foundation done in the next couple weekends, there may still be time to transfer the Harry Potter Garden plants back into their spots along the driveway side of the shed (on the left in these photos). If the weather holds out a bit, it'll give them a good head start on spring growth, as opposed to transplanting them in the spring.

Mid September 2014
In the spring, I'll be adding a potting/work bench inside (and one outside made from a wooden pallet), adding lattice (leftover from other projects) and a little arbor for climbing vines, window boxes (made from old, louvered closet doors), solar lights made from terracotta pots, a finial/weathervane, house numbers, and some shutters (only on the round-topped window I think). Enough projects to keep my mind racing over the winter.

Soon I'll be moving many of the dozens of pots into the shed for overwintering – allowing space in our garage for the car for the winter. It's been a P.I.T.A. getting the car into the garage with all the garden tools, pots, outdoor furniture, bags of soil/mulch, wheelbarrow, composting leaves, not to mention the outdoor artwork that has to be stored for the winter. I'm looking forward to being able to open our car doors when it's parked in the garage!
Mid November 2014
Mid May 2015, prepping the site/base.
Late May 2015
Late May 2015
Late June 2015
Early July 2015
Early July 2015
Mid August 2015
September, 2015, roof half shingled.

October 2015. Roof shingled, almost ready for winter.


  1. Bravo!Taji se mi dech,nedherny,temer pohadkovy domecek.

    1. Thank you! (I had to do some translating there!)

  2. It looks great, a wonderful place for a teenager to move into...


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