Bird strikes lightning

I get no respect. First, the lightning lightning rod gets installed. Next season, it gets a a plastic non-recyclable-lives-forever-grocery-bag stuck on it. Even recent 75-mile-an-hour gusts have not torn it off (past rant here). But now, apparently, my high-minded, witty, commissioned-to-a-real-sculptor-piece-of-art-I-designed is now a favorite birds-sitting (and shitting) spot. It's too steep a pitch on this part of the roof for me to ever consider getting up there myself to take the bag off. I may have to wait until I find a roofer working on a house in the 'hood and pay them to go up there. As far as the birds go, I could electrify the lightning rod, though that sounds counter-intuitive.


  1. Susan,
    Yes, I guess it does. But I can tell which way the wind is blowing by feeling it to. It serves no benefit to low-flying planes.

    I think it's me.

  2. That is too funny! The bag does look part of the sculpture and I think the bird is just giving its' approval!

  3. Funny for you perhaps. You don't have a garbage bag hanging off your roof!

  4. It IS funny...and no, we have no garbage bags hanging off our roof. The wind blows them all down to New York....

  5. That bird thanks you for providing a perfect perch. They love to perch on the highest point so that they can check out the 'hood. :-)

    If you hadn't mentioned the bag, I wouldn't have noticed... really, I wouldn't... I'm sure no one in your 'hood has noticed it. Just don't tell them.


  6. Well, I guess that bag is better off there than in the ocean choking some poor sea creature. I feel your pain, though. I would be horrified!

  7. jodi,

    There's taller trees to sit in nearby, but none as show-y as this perch.

    Yes. it's safe there. In 1,000 years it should break down and we'll never have to worry about it again.


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