Gingko drop watch

Did you know that a ginkgo tree holds onto all its leaves just to drop them at the same time (within an hour or so)? No dithering here.

I read that in a magazine recently. I have a VERY young gingko tree in the backyard planted a few years ago. Our big October surprise storm three years ago (which we call Arborgeddon because it either killed or defaced the majority of our city's trees) snapped my first ginkgo tree in half, but this one popped up in its place and seems happy.

And in the background is my pear tree diamond-shaped espalier. Half is tree, half is the heavy-gauge wire structure to train them on. Two trees called it quits on me last year, so I'm starting half the espalier from scratch. That's Solomon's Seal at the base of it. And, yes, I know, I have to get that planter put away before it freezes.

I'm going to keep an eye on the ginkgo to see if it drops its leaves all at once.


  1. I didn't know this about ginko trees! They're one of my favorites, especially in the fall when they really stand out.

  2. Well, I have learned something new today. Happy Halloween!

  3. "Arborgeddon" - awesome.

    I have a pear that is begging to be espaliered; its branches get really long and if I prune them back, it won't flower well the next year. Your espalier is beautiful and useful.

  4. Interesting... I didn't know that about gingkos. I think I'm going to have to keep an eye on the few that I've ID'd on my way to work and see when they do the Big Drop.

  5. I had a huge mulberry tree in a previous yard that did the same things. The effect wasn't so wonderful though. When Ginkos drop their leaves the ground is paved in gold.

  6. Sprout,
    I have a soft spot for ginkgo too.

    Well, I only read it. I actually haven't seen it in person.

    We have multiple names for our infamous snowstorm that dropped 22" of wet snow onto trees still heavy with leaves. October Surprise, October Storm, Friday the 13th Storm... Arborgedden is my favorite.

    Blackswamp Girl,
    Like I mention above, I've not noticed a big pile of leaves around an empty tree. And it may not happen to mine because it's so young. I anxiously await your observations.

    Paved in gold that has to be raked in.

  7. This year our Ginkgo dropped in a couple of stages — lots less fun!


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