Off to Wegman's... the cottage, not the store...

One of the Wegman's cottages on Canandiagua Lake.

Last weekend we were taking a walk along Seneca Point Road on the west side of Canandaigua Lake as we often do when we're visiting my wife's parents. This time I had my camera.

I've always admired these "pot holders" they set out each year. But in my neighborhood, I'd have to set them in concrete and find a way to lock the pot in the stand and still hope no none steals them. They, repeated, like in the photo below, are quite impressive.

Here are some shots of the Wegman's place on the Lake. This is the cottage of Mr. Wegman, the founder of the Wegmans grocery store chain. He passed away a few years ago. His widow currently spends her summers here. Each spring you can find an army of gardeners out working on the property getting it in tip-top shape for the season. Many others in the Wegman family own other places on Canandaigua Lake as well. This home is large, but understated, with many Frank Lloyd Wright qualities about it -- low to the ground, in natural materials and wide eaves, helping mask its size.

Wegmans is our local powerhouse of a grocery store. It's based in Rochester and has a reach throughout most of New York State, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. It's constantly in the top five of the best places to work, according to J.D. Power and Associates.

Sorry, no shots from the front of the house -- could only take photos from the road.

Along the roadside, the "pot holders" serve double-duty as they stop cars from pulling over onto the grass.

Masses of Fall colors -- plantings are changed throughout the year. I always thought these lightposts look like the same ones you'd find in a Wegmans parking lot, just shorter.

It's a downright park-like setting.

Even the mailbox has a hanging basket.

Coleus are the main source of color in these gardens.


  1. Jim what a beautiful place ! I love all of the colour there still, and I am a fan of coleus ! There are so many new varieties to select from .. very pretty post visit !

  2. I can see the appeal. Love the basket on the mailbox. And the sea of coleus, wow.

  3. I like it, it's pretty, though the landscaping is a bit ... corporate. Clearly done by professionals. From what I can see anyway.

  4. I adore it when people with money spend it on their gardens. They must employ an army to keep things looking so park-like. And those pot holders, so much nicer looking than white painted rocks to keep cars off the grass.

  5. Very pretty but I do like things to look a bit less perfect. Like my yard for instance :) The coleus is wonderful!

  6. Garden4Joy,
    Thanks. It is a pretty place – Canandaigua Lake – whether obsessively manicured or left on its own.

    Takes a lot of coleus to make such an impact. But there's no deadheading and the color lasts all season.

    Yeah, it does look like the entrance to a country club - or a Wegman's store. I'd bet the Wegmans fortune that it is designed and maintained by the same people that design & maintain the Wegman store parking lot planted areas.

    I've never seen an army there working - more often two or even three people. But I'm not there often enough. In the spring there must be a big crew.

    Less than perfect is my style. Though if I could afford a team of gardeners...


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