National Historic Trust park system's care in jeopardy

Okay, so it's a little too late to go to the Rally mentioned in the video (that was yesterday), but tomorrow there's a Buffalo Common Council Finance Committee meeting (Tuesday, December 15, 10 a.m. in council chambers, 13th floor of City Hall) open to the public -- and the Olmsted situation will be on the agenda.

Other things that can be done:

Sign the Olmsted petition!

Call the Mayor's office and voice your concern. Call 311, or 716.851.4841.

Email the Mayor at

Write letters to the media endorsing the Conservancy's work and sharing park memories.

As more proof that the mayor's letting the clock (and funding) run out on the Conservancy, here's a link to the City's website where they're asking for group that utilize the park to "register" with the city, rather than working with the Conservancy for this information. Visit:

The Conservancy may have to start laying off employees as soon as this week, with no contract and funding in place for January 1. I just can't understand how our mayor cannot pick up the phone and deal with one of the nation's leading park system managers.

And, if all appearances are true, how can he drop the Conservancy and the $8 million they've raised in the last five years to help maintain the parks (matching what the City & County have contributed). Isn't it financial mismanagement? Dereliction of duty? Is due diligence being set aside? What happens when there is willful disregard for cost savings? How can a mayor make decisions with such an impact on the city budget? Are there not checks and balances? I guess well find out more at tomorrow's meeting...


  1. Here's another resource:

    Mayor's Call and Resolution Center

    Program Coordinator - Robert Kreutinger (
    Phone - (716) 851-4890 ( Mayor's Call and Resolution Center)
    Address - 218 City Hall, Buffalo, New York 14202

  2. Good luck tomorrow. Was at a party on Friday in Toronto & everyone was talking up Buffalo & how things were looking better all the time and how they were planning on visiting more often. What on earth are they thinking about?


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