Where do I get me one of these?

Walking around Disney’s Animal Kingdom we ran across about a dozen people staring into a tree. At first glance we wondered what the deal was, only thing we saw was a vine. Then it moved. It was a vine suit on a “performance artist.” She would be motionless for minutes at a time, then shift subtly. Sorta freaky. Sorta cool.

This is a favorite old post, created before I was on Blogger. I repeat it here to save & catalog it on this new site. Sorry if you've read it before.


  1. Hilarious! Bet my hubby would want one too. I, however, will pass on it. ;-)

  2. Hey lover of peuce,
    Yeah, you did write that on your Bltoanical plot.
    Happy holidays!
    Are you dropping by Blotanical at all these days?
    Cool post! Had not seen it before.
    Are you snowed in/under?
    Staying out of trouble ;-D

  3. jodi,
    I bet your hubby wants one. She's enough to make a man a vegetarian.

    Alice A.,
    I think I spelled that wrong on my favorite color. Now that I look at it gain, I think it's spelled puce. I'm not even sure what color that is.

    Snowed in/under? Not here in Buffalo. We can see our grass. No storms here.


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