Airdate for Extreme Home Makeover - Buffalo Edition

Not only will Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Buffalo air on January 24 at 8 p.m. on ABC -- it will be a special two-hour show. Citing the fact they had too much footage for just an hour, and their biggest turnout of volunteers ever, and the extent of the work done on the neighborhood, it was decided to make the episode twice as long.

The Buffalo News states, "...the weeklong effort affected 71 homes and involved 6,336 volunteers working 53,544 hours, including 1,428 skilled workers and 855 who helped on the food drive...119 trees were planted, two murals painted, two community gardens built, 388 units of blood given and 85 tons of food collected with a value of $255,300."

 The "after" of the house itself.

To read/see a blog of a local landscaper  that worked n the project, including the green roof of the garage, visit landscape architect Joy Kuebler at jklastudio's blog. You'll have to scroll down a few posts. She's got some great up-close photos of gardening projects that no one else was able to get. Joy is a friend and a client -- visit her blog often to see her large-scale landscaping projects & solutions in process.

Another view of the garden.
Possibly, during Garden Bloggers Buffa10 in July, we can get a drive-by this house and community gardens so you can see them in person. I'll be trying to get them on Garden Walk this year.

At top is a community garden added almost across the street from the makeover home.


  1. Good Heavens - 71 homes? Man, now that was one ambitious and interesting undertaking. So there's a Garden Blogger's meeting in Buffalo this July? Interesting.

  2. Well, if it takes a TV show to create that much positive change in a community, so be it! All those volunteers deserve to be in the spotlight.


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