Six Garden Walk Buffalo Gardens in Backyard Solutions Magazine

I hate to keep bragging, but six more Buffalo gardens are in the current issue of Backyard Solutions, Dream Backyards from Problem Spaces. Out on the store shelves now at most major book & magazines sellers, the issue feature 60 gardens and these six Buffalo gardens:

  • 322 Bryant Street (photo above)
  • 745 West Delavan Avenue
  • 125 Windsor Avenue
  • 42 Orton Place
  • 24 Park Street
  • 279 Richmond Avenue
Dozens of Garden Walk Buffalo gardens have appeared in national gardening magazines in the past few years. It's actually amazing. Here are just some of the magazines that have mentioned either gardening in Buffalo or featured Garden Walk Buffalo gardens:
  • Organic Gardening (June/July 2008)
  • Backyard Solutions
  • Great Backyards 2008
  • Great Backyards 2009
  • Great Backyards 2010
  • Garden Gate Issue 92
  • Garden Gate Issue 81
  • Garden Gate Issue 84
  • Garden Gate Issue 86
  • Garden Gate Issue 79 
  • Great Gardens, Beds & Borders
  • Containers Made Easy
  • Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living Summer 2008
  • Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living Summer 2009
  • Backyard Retreat 
  • Great Gardens Solutions for Small Spaces
  • People Place Plants (Spring 2008)
  • People Place Plants (Early Summer 2007)
  • People Place Plants (Autumn 2007) 
  • Garden Design (May 2008)
Last year during Garden Walk Buffalo, we were also visited by Fine Gardening and Martha Stewart Living magazines.

We are blessed with great gardens and even more blessed to have great gardeners.


  1. Why do you suppose that Buffalo has so many talented gardeners and so many beautiful gardens. When I think of Buffalo , I think snow storms. I just don't "get" it.

  2. Allenbecker,
    Oh, don't start with me. What you may think you know of Buffalo is the most insignificant part of the city. I think Buffalo doesn't have any more great gardens than any other city -- I think we promote them better!


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