Princess Diana Memorial, Hyde Park, London

Not much on plants, but it’s a cool water feature. Water enters at its highest point and travels down steps, rocks gently, picks up momentum with jets, babbles a bit, air bubbles are introduced, goes over waterfalls, swirls, slides under bridges, flows over carved stone, sluices through channels wide and narrow. Ends in a small reflecting pool. Tumultuous & serene, rocky & elegant, free-flowing & constricted, reserved & splashy. A tasteful and subtle reminder.
Favorite thing: It stands out from all the other memorials, considering how ornate and over -the-top memorials in England are. Hard to photograph in total though.

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This is a "gently used" post from my old blog for in another blog software originally posted in December 2007. Slowly I'm posting past posts here. Sorry if you read this before.


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